One Kid Road Coat - the Patented Crash Tested MUST HAVE Coat!


As a parent, safety always comes before practicality…. so to be honest, I remember dreading winter last year… until I discovered the One Kid® Road Coat. For anyone living with kids in winter weather, you know what a pain it is to run to the car with a jacket, take it off before putting them in their car seat, putting it back on before you go out side again. It’s what we need to do to keep our kids safe, and until I discovered the One Kid® Road Coat, I thought that was the only option! One Kid®  has a patented design that is safe to wear while in a car seat! Yes… you read that correctly! You can even watch videos of a crash test on their website to see how they work. No more taking off their jackets (or snowsuit onesies) before putting them in the car!


One Kid®’s coats and snowsuits are crash tested and will keep your little ones warm in -25 Fahrenheit/-30 Celsius weather! We tried out the Road Coat® Down, which also comes in a vegan version, and a 1 piece snow suit version, and their Snow Pants which are soft, easily pulled on and pack-able! Despite being very warm, they are super light weight and they can be easily folded into a carrying pouch that's included, which makes travelling with them a cinch!

The One Kid® Road Coat® is designed in such a way that you can zip back the puffy outer layer when your little one is in the car seat, allowing the car seat strap to lie closer to your child’s body. There’s also a non slip surface on the front which prevents the car seat's harness straps from slipping, and it even comes with a red marker to help you identify where the chest clip should sit!


The One Kid® Road Coat® and matching Snow Pants were a no brainer last year and remain one of our fave discoveries from last year.


I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve partnered with One Kid® to give away one of their Road Coats®! Visit the link below to enter! It’s that SIMPLE!


*Contest closes October 31, 2018 and the winner will be contacted by email. Open to US & Canadian residents 18 years of age and older.

Comfy Sweater Weather

Winter in Canada means it's time to bust out the comfy sweaters and enjoy more evenings at home in front of the TV or fire place. My outfit, from Pink Blush is perfect whether I'm staying in or going out! The material is so soft, and I love the added details on the sleeves! It can easily transition from maternity wear to regular wear so there is no need to ever replace this beauty :) 

Click here to visit Pink Blush and find your perfect sweater for our cold Canadian winters. 

Lounging in Style!


The cold wintery Canadian weather has arrived - which means it's hibernating season for some of us (me!!). What better way to stay fashionable and comfy all day long than with PinkBlush? I'm wearing their Navy Blue Striped Cuffed Pajama Pants, and like all their clothes, they can be transitioned from maternity wear to regular wear! Have a look at their website to see the rest of their adorable cozy lounge pants and spend your winter months looking and feeling amazing! :). Click here to visit PinkBlush.

Baby Essentials from Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl, created by 2 mamas in 2015, has all of the baby accessories that you've been dreaming about. Made with gorgeous material and beautiful patterns, their products are essentials that moms need.


This month I tried out some of their products, and I can't rave enough about them! Zane is at the drooling age (yay... said no mom ever), so I was constantly changing his wet shirts, until I started using the Baby Bandana Bibs from Copper Pearl! Copper Pearl bibs are big, are made with a double layer of material (the underside is SUPER absorbent) and come in the nicest patterns so you can find one to match any outfit! We tried out the Wild Collection and their Scout Collection. You can see in the picture above the 2 collections we tried and underneath is their crib sheet that I tried! I absolutely fell in love with the fit and feel of their crib sheets and need more for Zane's nursery! They wash amazingly, fit perfectly over his crib mattress (a pet peeve of mine is sheets that don't fit properly and require effort to put on... who has the time to struggle with sheets!?) and come in the nicest patterns and colors. We tried the Slate Crib Sheet.


Finally, we tried out one of their 5-in-1 Multi-Use Covers. Their covers can be used as a nursing cover, a baby car seat cover, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover AND an infinity scarf! It's made from a SUPER soft and stretchy fabric so it can easily fit over most carseats and chairs and I love that it can covert and be used so many different ways... because it means less items in my diaper bag! We chose the Canyon Multi-Use Cover :). 

I would love to hear what other products you've tried from Copper Pearl, or if you've tried any of the ones I mentioned! If you're looking for a great holiday gift idea, head over to their website and have a look... you're sure to find something for any special baby in your life. 


Cut Out Sleeves and Comfort for the Holidays

Holiday celebrations mean lots of eating... eating... and more eating! So for my outfits, I always look for style and comfort. I'm loving my new Charcoal Cutout Sleeve T Shirt from PinkBlush that has adorable cut outs and a tie on the sleeves! It's long and flowy so it's not too tight around the areas that are bound to need some extra room after my holidays dinners lol. PinkBlush specializes in clothing that can transition from maternity to non-maternity wear so this Tshirt is sure to be a staple in my wardrobe for a while! Head over to their website to see their entire collection of gorgeous formal and casual wear. 

Spoil the Man in Your Life in Time for Travel Season with the American Crew Travel Pack!

I'm always reviewing products for Zane and I, so I thought it was time to include the other love of my life: my husband! Just in time for holiday travelling, this month we tried the American Crew Travel Pack. American Crew is a brand that my husband already loves - he uses the Power Cleanser every day... so I knew he would enjoy testing these products out! If you've never heard of the brand, they specialize in hair care and grooming products for men! The products are available at Chatters, Trade Secrets and Amazon.


The travel pack comes in this nice and super practical black zip up travel case with 2 compartments (I won't have to share mine anymore when we go on vacation YAY!). It comes filled with the American Crew Fiber, Skincare Precision Shave Gel, Daily Shampoo and Heavy Hold Pomade. For starters, although this is a travel pack, the products are not travel size (which I LOVE). I often find that travel sized products don't last more than a few days so I prefer larger products. The Daily Shampoo has a new formulation and smells incredible... it has a masculine smell and leaves behind the most gorgeous scent. The Fiber is a high hold and low shine styling product - perfect for a more casual daytime look. The Heavy Hold Pomade provides a heavy hold with high shine and I was surprised to see that it was clear (I was expecting it to be white!). My husband tried it out and LOVED it because he found that, unlike most of his other pomades, this one didn't leave a white residue in his hair. It also smells DELICIOUS. Finally, the travel pack includes a Precision Shaving Gel which is a non-drying gel that soothes the skin and prevents skin irritation during shaving. My husband has a short beard and doesn't shave so I had my dad try out this one and he approved with two thumbs up :). 

Spoil the man in your life this holiday season with the American Crew Travel Pack! I've also teamed up with them to give away a Travel Pack to one lucky winner! Visit my Instagram page to enter!

Him and Her Gift Guide for the Holidays

1. Noize Cruelty Free Winter Coats: NOIZE winter coats are so well made and no detail is overlooked. Their styles for men and women are gorgeous and the quality is phenomenal. They use vegan leather and all their products are PETA approved. What's not to love? Use the promo code tovah for 15% off your order! Visit to find your perfect coat!

Lina Long Coat.jpg

2. Archipelago Scented Candles: Sold at Nicole's Gallery & Boutique, these candles burn for hours and leave the most delicious scent behind. They come in a beautiful wooden box, making it more than just a candle, but a decorative piece for your home. Click here to visit Nicole's Gallery and Boutique


3. HearBand and TV Streamer: Save a marriage - give this gift to a couple you love. No more yelling at your significant other to turn down the TV or having to listen to UFC, Soccer or Hockey in the background while trying to write a blog post (not that I'm speaking from experience lol). The TV Streamer transmits what you hear on TV to a set of wireless headphones! How cool is that? Click here to visit Lucid Audio.

Hearband and TV Streamer copy.jpg

4. NEST Liquidless Diffuser: It comes with this gorgeous silver holder and scented sticks that are dry! The scent is strong enough to fill an entire floor, but delicate enough to not overpower a room. Click here to shop NEST Fragrances.


5. ACK! the Book: Holidays and parenting can leave a lot of us feeling overwhelmed, tired and discouraged. Give the gift that will help anyone in your life get that motivation back and find ways to cope with stress with ACK! the Book. Made for adults, but with entertaining colorful illustrations, help your loved ones learn how to turn the bad days into good days! They're sure to laugh and totally relate to every page. Click here for your FREE book (while quantities last)!


6. Luhvee Books: Find the perfect Love Book for any occasion with a simple fill-in-the blank concept that allows you to finish your creation in under an hour! Click here to read my full review on Luhvee Books or click here to visit their site an start creating your own! Use code TOVAH20 for 20% off your purchase! (code expires 12/31/17)


Stay tuned next week for my New Mama Faves! :)


Baby & Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

This year I've gotten to try some pretty great products so I'm sharing my faves for babies and toddlers! Stay tuned for my gift guide for the rest of the family :)

1. Zany Zoo: We discovered this gem while at a friend's house a few weeks ago. Zane was mesmerized and sat quietly playing for longer than I had ever seen before. Zany Zoo is made from wood, painted with bright and wild colours, and makes NO noise. No loud melodies, no bright lights, just Zane's imagination doing all the work... and I love that. Click here for more info on the Zany Zoo.

Zany Zoo.jpeg

2. Olili Baby Mitten Clips- No more losing mittens and gloves this winter thanks to these adorable clips! They come in 6 gorgeous patterns, so you're sure to find one that will match perfectly with your mini's outdoor wear. They make a great gift and stocking stuffer! Click here to visit Olili Baby and order yours now!

Olilibaby Mitten Clips.jpg

3. The Dough Parlour: Perfect for 2 years and over, this freshly made-to-order play dough is water & food-based (with NO chemicals) and comes in the most delicious scents (such as bubble gum, chocolate mint and cotton candy)! Let your little one's imagination run wild, and sit back and relax knowing they're playing with something that is made from 100% natural ingredients... also, their packaging is just the CUTEST. Click here to visit the Dough Parlour.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 4.01.23 PM.png

4. Pom Beanie from Belle and Beautique: This boutique, run by 2 mamas, is your one stop shop for baby accessories. My fave this season is their Pom Beanie for kids (which comes in a lot of other colors)! They also have a collection for adults in case you want to twin with your mini (obviously I picked up an adult version)! Click here to visit their website and check out the entire collection.

Pom Hat.jpg

5. HEARMUFFS: These sound protection ear muffs by Lucid Audio for infants, will ensure that your little ones are able to sleep through all the loud holiday partying and noises, sports events, concerts, and loud outings. They even have models that play melodies and calming sounds! Click here to check them out. 

Hearmuffs copy.jpg

6. Chewbeads Mercer Rattle: This light weight teether and rattle will please even the crankiest little munchkin! It's light weight, made with non-toxic silicone, and has calmed down even the fussiest babies. It was given to Zane by his Auntie M and it's been his fave toy ever since. This is a must have in every home. Click here to buy yours!

Chewbeads Mercer Rattle.jpg

What products are on your wishlist this year? Tell me in the comments below!