One Kid® – Crash Tested Winter Coats and Snowsuits!


As a parent, safety always comes before practicality…. so to be honest, I was dreading winter-time. The freezing weather in Canada, along with the snow, means that the average outing requires a jacket on my son while we walk to car, no jacket in the car seat, and then putting the jacket back on when we arrive at our destination (with the door open and the -30 weather blowing in my car while I try to frantically get a coat on my son). You can only imagine how excited I was to discover One Kid® – Coats and snowsuits that are crash tested and safe to wear while in a car seat! Yes… you read that correctly! You can even watch videos of a crash test on their website to see how they work. No more taking off their jackets (or snowsuit onesies) before putting them in the car! This is a total #parentwin. It also doesn’t hurt that they are beautifully made, come in an array of colors, and fit newborns all the way up to size 6!

One Kid®’s coats and snowsuits are crash tested and will keep your little ones warm in -25 Fahrenheit/-30 Celsius weather! We tried out the Road Coat® Down, which also comes in a vegan version, and a 1 piece snow suit version, and their Snow Pants which are soft, easily pulled on and pack-able! Despite being very warm, they are super light weight and they can be easily folded into a carrying pouch that's included, which makes travelling with them a cinch!


The One Kid® Road Coat® is designed in such a way that you can zip back the puffy outer layer when your little one is in the car seat, allowing the car seat strap to lie closer to your child’s body. There’s also a non slip surface on the front which prevents the car seat's harness straps from slipping, and it even comes with a red marker to help you identify where the chest clip should sit!

The One Kid® Road Coat® and matching Snow Pants are a no brainer for us and we will recommend them to everyone we know!

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