How I Make GUARANTEED Money From My Blog

I'll start off by saying (to give you some context) that I have an Instagram following of over 65k and over 35k monthly visitors to my website. I've partnered with brands such as l'Oreal, Canadian Tire, Revlon and President's Choice... but how I make a guaranteed income might surprise you. While I love blogging, getting constant campaigns is hard... MUCH harder than I thought. I was sure that once I hit 50k followers, brands would be filling my inbox with requests... but that is NOT the case. The average campaign for a blogger my size, is between $600-$1500 but they are scarce and hard to come by. There are HUNDREDS of bloggers my size and getting chosen for some campaigns feels like a lottery draw. Most companies have a budget of approx. $200/blogger. If you do the math and figure out the time it takes to get a perfect picture with a moving 1.5 year old, edit the picture, write the blog post, write the caption for social media and then get the content approved and make required changes - it works out to about $20/hour.... and that's assuming the brand actually likes what you've sent. 

I was tired of growing and working hard and not knowing how much money I could depend on making a month - so I took a leap of faith and joined It Works!. I have a super successful friend (she makes WELL OVER 6 figures a year) and it's always intrigued me how it worked and whether I could actually make money from selling a product I loved. The initial investment is minimal so I figured it was very little to lose for the potential to gain A LOT. 

2.5 weeks in, I was promoted and in line for a $1000 bonus. I was FINALLY getting paid for the effort I was putting in. On average, every time I speak about It Works!, I get 2 new clients. Instead of speaking about a product and the profits going in someone else's pocket, they are going in mine! I am no longer a skeptic and my only regret is not starting sooner. I already have a team of ladies and MY GOAL is to help them achieve the success that I have. I work full time and do this from my phone at night and a few hours on the weekend and the extra money is well worth the effort.


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