Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose? Mom's Lessons For Staying Warm


With the winter now fast approaching, moms are looking for ways to make sure the whole family stays warm. Not only does wrapping up warm help to stave off common colds and infections, but it can also help you keep the heating bill down (which can get a little out of control in December and January).

So what can busy moms who have no time do to make sure that hubby and the rest of the family stay nice and toasty over the holidays?

Get Moving

Staying active is good for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping degenerative diseases at bay. But it’s also highly effective at keeping you warm too. If you wrap up warm on a cold day and do some exercise, you soon get uncomfortably sweaty and have to take layers off.

You and your family can try all kinds of fun things to stay warm, from taking the bikes to the park to using a Nintendo Wii.

Use Rugs

Staying warm in the winter can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you want to walk barefoot on cold, hard floors. Rugs are a great way to make rooms feel a little warmer and cozier (even if they’re not) by providing extra comfort underfoot. Make sure you get rugs with rubber strips on the bottom to prevent slippage.

Get Sweaters For The Whole Family

Knitted sweaters are a hallmark of the Christmas period, featured extensively in romantic comedies, like Bridget Jones’ Diary. What’s more, the festive season is pretty much the only time of year when you can get away with wearing them without raising a few eyebrows. Grateful Dead sweaters are ideal for dad (especially if he likes his music), and the kids can enjoy jerseys with cartoon or kids’ TV themes.


Teach Everyone The Principle Of Layering

We like the luxury of putting on as few clothes as possible while we’re in our homes. But during the winter months, this habit can increase your heating bills substantially.

Layering provides you with all of the warmth you want, but without having to ramp the thermostat up to 20 degrees Celsius, significantly above the outside temperature. Teach your family about how layering keeps them warm by trapping little pockets of insulating air in the fabric, preventing the cold from penetrating from the outside.

Use Electric Blankets

While it’s true that electric blankets use energy, they do so in a far more efficient and environmentally-friendly way than central heating. Electric blankets help to trap heat in the vicinity immediately around the body, meaning less energy goes to waste.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home needn’t be complicated or expensive. You don’t have to pump foam into cavity walls or install expensive double-glazing. The simplest and cheapest methods often work the best.

Try, for instance, to seal any gaps around your doors and windows. If the caulking around the windows has chipped away, replace it. Use a draught excluder on any exterior doors that are not sealed to prevent air from getting in.

Why a Beautiful Smile is Just What You Need


Regardless of if you have just left college, are a young mum or are about to retire, having a nice smile will boost your confidence no end, and every time you use it you will make someone else feel better. Smiles are almost contagious, and when you smile at someone they will smile back and then often at someone else too. A smile can brighten a whole room and draw people to you. We would be living in a happier world if people smiled more often.

That is not the only advantage of a nice smile though; there are other consequences of showing your sparkling pearly whites.

Health Benefits Of A Smile

It might surprise you to know there are several health and beauty benefits to a smile.  Your immune system will improve because you are more relaxed. It can cause a reduction in your blood pressure. Mentally, smiling will reduce any stress you are going through, and it can help to change your mood to a better one.

Smiling makes you more positive, and this is something you can try out. Put a smile on your face and then think of something negative. You will find this is not so easy to do as long as you keep smiling. Studies have shown that smiles make your body produce endorphins, which create a feel-good factor in our brains. Smiling is also considered to be a natural painkiller.

You Will Look Better

A smile will make you more attractive to other people, as there is something more appealing about someone who is smiling. The muscles you use to smile also lift your face making you appear younger and healthier. Research has also shown that people who smile more often appear to be more successful. They are more likely to succeed at job interviews too.


Don’t Hide It

Not everyone has naturally white teeth, and as we age they start to yellow. This is just one reason why people do not smile properly and force their smile with their lips closed. They will also do this if they have some crooked teeth, but both problems can be helped.

Your dental surgery will be able to help you with teeth whitening and with a clear correct aligner or retainer to straighten them if need be. It is well worth having this done so that you can smile properly and make full use of all the advantages that smiles provide.

If there is any other reason you do not like your smile, try practicing it in front of a mirror, until it is how you want it to be. Keep practicing and eventually it will become the way you smile all the time.

Smile On Purpose

Scientists have shown that if a smile does not come naturally, smiling on purpose will have the same effect. It changes the chemistry in our brain, which is why all these other good things happen when you smile. Just try it and see. Next time you feel a bit low, smile on purpose and there is no doubt you will feel better for it.

Fabulous Festivities: How to Afford Your Christmas Food Shop!

Christmas is a great excuse to spend time with loved ones, where we can all eat, drink and be merry. But when it comes to food and drink, it can really add up over the festive period and if you’re the one footing the bill- you might be looking for ways to keep down costs. Here are a few ways you can go about it.


Stockpile throughout the year

While it’s too late to put this into practice this year, it’s definitely something to consider for future Christmases. Festivities are always going to be expensive, but you can make things easier for yourself by spreading the cost. Throughout the year, pick up food and drink items as and when you see them, when you have the money and when they’re at a good price. Get a big box and put them away for December, and then when Christmas rolls back around you already have most of what you need. Of course, with fresh items you’ll only ever be able to buy these close to the date that they’re going to be used. But things like chocolate, biscuits, crackers, alcohol and other long life items will last a really long time- just be sure to check that the expiry is after the December that you plan on using them. You can even buy things like joints of meat and put them in the freezer, just check how long they can safely be frozen for and label everything up correctly. If you buy a few food items every month throughout the year, come December you’ll only need to spend a small amount finishing off your shop. This is ideal if you’re on a very tight budget or if you’re shopping for a large family.

Ask guests to bring a dish and a bottle

One of the best things about Christmas is the parties- being to celebrate and enjoy great food and drinks with loved ones. But when you’re the one hosting, it can get really expensive. One way to get around this is to throw a potluck party, asking guests to each bring a dish and a bottle- that way you all get to sample each others cooking and there’s no major expense on one household. Most people have a signature dish that they love to make and would be happy to bring. If you ask guests to give you a rough idea of what they plan on bringing you can check that you dont end up with lots of similar things on the day. It could b a  full dinner party where guests bring either a starter, main or dessert. Or it could be a little more casual where they just bring nibbles along. It’s a great way to keep costs down and can be a fun way to go about things.

Make from scratch

Things like pretty festive cakes and cookies can be really expensive. Ready made pies, party food and other tasty dishes are convenient to buy around Christmas but they will come at a price. If you’re willing to put in time and effort, you can create them yourself much more cheaply. Pinterest and social media has loads of great, festive ideas flying around at this time of year- pick things based on your skill level. Even a beginner baker can whip up impressive looking cupcakes, as long as you have a good piping nozzle and some Christmas sprinkles you’re good to go for decorations. A simple cookie recipe with the addition of some festive spices like ginger and cinnamon, along with a Christmas cutter and you can whip up fantastic Christmas cookies. Don’t pay over the odds for these things, it really is worth having a go yourself. Get the kids involved, you could even make it a yearly tradition to have a baking day. A few simple ingredients can be transformed into something spectacular, just follow a recipe and you’re good to go.

Only buy what you need

It’s tempting to go mad at Christmas. It’s a very commercial holiday, and we’re pushed into thinking that we need to indulge and spend a fortune if it’s going to be special. But it’s not the case- sure, eat drink and be merry by all means but you don’t need to buy things that you won’t end up using. As a society we already waste far too much, and this increases tenfold at Christmas. If you have anything left in the new year that you won’t use you have the option to donate to a food bank, but save your wallet by not buying too much in the first place. If you’re having parties, plan what you’ll need and stick to a list. Plan your meals over Christmas the way you would throughout the rest of the year, and avoid the temptation to stuff the house full of food unless you know it’s going to be used.

Consider borrowing money

Borrowing money for Christmas can be a good thing if it’s done right. If you simply can’t afford the occasion and don’t want to miss out, small loans or unsecured cards can allow you to purchase what you want now and spread the cost in the new year. Just be sure to go about things sensibly. Borrow only what you need, and have a look at the interest rates. Work out what the repayments will be and make sure you know for a fact that you can afford them. Within a few months you can have it paid back with no negative repercussions. Food wise, most households at Christmas will want to buy the ingredients for Christmas dinner, some tasty festive treats and perhaps a few bottles of alcohol. If you’re not in a position to afford the basics (perhaps you’ve had a large expense to cover recently, or you’re all spent out due to other areas of Christmas) then this could be a way to get through the occasion. Another way you can utilise credit when it comes to festive food is to order a hamper from a catalogue. These come in all kinds of different sizes and contain a nice mixture of foods and drinks to get you through December. With catalogues you can spread the cost, so you can pay this back over the first few months of the new year.

7 Super Smart Stocking Stuffers for your Kids This Christmas

The moment your kids wake up on Christmas Day there is a ripple of excitement through the entire house. Little ones in pyjamas race down the stairs to see the perfect presents that Santa has left them. This holiday season is no exception and you’re ready to get prepared for another magically manic day. You want to get the kid’s stocking stuffers just right this year instead of filling it with useless junk that will never be played with again. Here are seven super smart stocking fillers that are bound to put a smile on their faces on Christmas morning.

1.Socks and Underwear


You can’t go wrong with the practical gift of socks and underwear on Christmas Day. Perhaps your toddler is potty training at the moment and the idea of big boy or big girl underwear would excite them to the very core. Similarly, you might want to consider afo socks for kids; they are a practical and cosy option to keep your little one’s feet cosy throughout the winter.

2. Paper and Pens

Every kid loves to draw and color no matter what time of year it is. A set of rainbow colored pens and a handy notebook bursting with paper is perfect for any stocking.

3. Sweet Treats

Would it even be Christmas Day if your kids didn’t have chocolate for breakfast? Fill their stocking with their favourite sweet treats; it’s the only day of the year they have free reign to eat whatever they want whenever they want!

4. Stuffed Animals

If your little one has a favourite animal that they’re obsessed with then throw a cute cuddly version into their stocking for Christmas morning. Whether it’s a cute cat or an adorable anteater they are bound to love it.

5. Bathtime Toys

If you struggle getting your little one into the bathtub then you need to fill it with toys to make them excited about it. Their stocking could contain cute rubber ducks and bath crayons to make their time in the tub much more appealing.

6. Perfect PJs

Every little tyke loves getting new pyjamas for Christmas; there isn’t a single child out there who doesn’t squeal with joy at the prospect of new night wear. If your family allows one present to be opening on Christmas Eve, then this would be your perfect choice. They can wear their new special pjs to bed whilst Santa fills up the rest of their stocking overnight.

7. Magic Minis

Every kid always puts that awkwardly expensive item on their Christmas list, much to the dismay of their parents. If you don’t want to let them down completely then why not get a mini version and stick it into their stocking? It could be a remote control car or a fancy doll; the chances are they won’t notice that it isn’t quite the same as the adverts and they will be thrilled to receive it.

Hopefully these ideas will spark some inspiration for your sensational stockings this festive season.

Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Parent


The role of the parent is incredibly rewarding, but, until you go through it yourself, it’s impossible to know how tough it can be. With all the parenting books in the world, you’d think you can learn all there is to know about the challenge, but that’s rarely the case. Instead, the journey comes with all sorts of shocks and surprises that no one thinks to warn you about. To help you become a little more prepared, here are five things you should know about parenthood, but probably don’t.

Preparation Is A Myth

It’s not uncommon for parents to spend months planning out a birth and how they’ll raise their little one only to completely change their plans when the day actually arrives. It doesn’t matter how many books you read or how much time you spend on blogs and forums, because every baby is different. Although there are ways to prepare, it’s impossible to ever be completely prepared. The only thing you can really do is plan to be flexible and go with the flow.

The Cost Is Extortionate

Babies are relatively small creatures, being around the same size as a pumpkin and weighing no more than a few bags of sugar. With that in mind, when you find out just how much they can cost you, most would forgive you for being shocked. Parenthood is far from cheap, so you’ll need to financially prepare yourself. You may also want to find a home-based job, like those at https://budgetboost.co/20-best-work-and-stay-at-home-jobs-for-moms/. This way, you can earn a regular salary, but won’t have to pay for childcare or transportation to work.

Baby Talk Becomes Normal

Baby talk can be annoying to anyone without children. Unfortunately, when you have a little one of your own, it becomes normal conversation. After all, when the person you spend most of your time with is an infant, baby talk is going to slip into every conversation you have. Your partner will be forever called “Daddy”, you’ll refer to yourself in the third person as “Mommy”, and you’ll change the names of everyday things all the time.

Sleep Deprivation Is Dangerous

Even those without children know that having a baby in the house is going to make it hard to sleep at night. However, few people understand just how much sleep deprivation can affect you. You’ll constantly feel exhausted, your mental health will suffer, and everyday tasks, like walking up the stairs or washing up turn into hazards. Thankfully, there are a few ways to combat these effects and get some sleep. Just take a look at the advice on https://www.todaysparent.com/baby/how-to-survive-new-parent-sleep-deprivation/.


When your baby arrives, your social life immediately drops to the bottom of your list of priorities. This might mean losing touch with people you have been close with for a while. That being said, parenthood has also been known to solidify bonds, as well as help you to create new ones. Those that stick around and make an effort become your number one supporters and the random parents you connect with at groups and classes give you someone like minded to share experiences with.

Parenthood can be shocking and scary, but, hopefully, with this new knowledge, you feel a little more prepared for what’s to come.

Working Together As A Family

If you feel that your family could probably work together a little better at times, you are not alone. Most people would say this about their own family, and the truth is that it is such a common experience that there is no wonder you can’t necessarily easily make it happen. The truth is that if you are keen to work together more as a family, there are many ways to do so, and the more that you are aware of these ways the more likely it is that you can make it happen in your own family. In this post, we will look at a number of the best ways to make sure that you are working together as a family, whether or not you currently feel that it is even possible to get to that point at all. You would be surprised at the kinds of things you can achieve if you really try hard and work together.


Respect The Individual

One of the most common reasons that families stop being able to work as a team is because that team starts to take the place of the individual. If you find this happens in your family, then probably the next thing that occurs is that someone feels as though they are not being respected for who they are. That then means that they are much less keen to work together with the rest of the family, and before you know it you have a family divided. The solution then is to make sure that you respect the individuals within the family, at all times, even when you're trying to be a close team. The more you do that, the more likely it is that it will all work out pretty well. As long as everyone feels respected, they are more likely to enjoy being a part of that family in the first place.

Find External Help
Sometimes for a family to function better on its own, it needs some help from outside forces. This is perfectly common and natural, and there is nothing wrong with it. But when you first realize that you might need to ask for help, you might feel that there is somehow something wrong with your family or that you are somehow toxic. This is not a helpful idea. Instead, just think that you are doing what you need to by approaching someone for help - and there are many kinds of help which you might benefit from. It might be that you need a counsellor or a mediator, or it could be that you need some affordable family law help in more dire circumstances. Whatever help you need, make sure you are getting it in time.


Build A Happy Home
It works both ways - the more you work as a team, the happier the home is, and the happier the home is, the more you are able to work as a team. So as well as working on the things above, you can also make a point of trying to improve the atmosphere at home in other ways too. The happier a home you can build, the more likely it is that you will be able to work together as a family when you need to.

Want To Reduce Your Debt In Time For Christmas? Here Are Some Ideas

Debt is one of the biggest problems families can struggle with. It has formed a huge part of expenditure when it comes to outgoings of a family's income. More and more, people are living beyond their means. But while this tends to be normal for everyday life, many of those families have the ambition and drive to pay off their debts. Sorry to mention the “c” word. But Christmas is fast approaching and is long known as a time for overspending. So why not get yourself in the best possible situation for the holiday season and take a good hard look at your finances. With that in mind, here are some easy steps you can take to help you reduce your debt in time for christmas.


Find out your credit situation

A lot of the time we can be a little clueless as to where we stand when it comes to credit. Do you think you have a good credit rating? The chances are you won't know for sure. Which is why it’s good to check it out. Knowing where you stand will help with your plan to reduce your debts. It can highlight where your creditors are, give you an indication on how much you owe and what your history is like. A lot of what you do next will be determined by your score. So get up to speed.

Make a plan

Once you know your credit score, you now need to devise a plan of how you pay things off. Try and look at where you owe the most money to, or which creditor is charging the most interest. These should be the priority to reduce first to cut down your overall spend.

Reduce the amount of interest you are paying

Reducing the interest you are paying is key. Many payments you send to credit or store cards will mostly be paying back the interest that has been charged. Doing very little to reducing the balance you owe. A great way to reduce the internet is to consider things like zero interest credit cards, where you can transfer balances. Or looking into consolidating the debts into one monthly payment. This could be done by a personal loan or even something like a a credit card. A quick look online will help you find the best secured credit cards. What you don’t want to do is put yourself in a worse position. So only apply for these credit options if you have a decent credit rating, and you are not borrowing more than you need.

Think of options to boost your income

We could all do with a boost to our income. But wanting to reduce your debt is a great motivator to see how you can increase it. You could consider starting something from home. Perhaps selling unwanted items in your home on websites like eBay. Or even reducing your outgoings in general like reducing a TV package or switching to a better energy provider. Make sure all money earned or saved goes straight into the pot to reduce your debt.

Keep motivated and stay on track

Finally, it may be hard not to spend or easy to get off plan when it comes to reducing debt, but try and stay motivated. Remember the reasons why you are doing this and imagine the christmas you could have, without getting into debt for it.

I hope this has inspired you to work on your finances over the next few months.

Easy Fashion Hacks For Stunning Looks


Fashion and style is a subjective thing and it is something which everyone does in their own way. There are however a few general guidelines and tips which everyone can use this year to make the process of getting dressed more fun and fashionable. Here are some easy style tips to use this year.

Monochrome it

Monochrome is way too underrated and people seem to assume it has to be boring if you don’t wear any colour. But there are so many different styles you can choose from without colour and here are just a few ideas:

  • Grey jumper with black jeans

  • White and black checked shirt and black skirt

  • White jumper dress and grey jacket

You can see there are more ideas than you would think and you can really have fun with black, white and different shades of grey.

Wear statement jewellery

One of the things you can do to immediately elevate an outfit is to add a statement piece of jewellery to make it stand out from the crowd. For example there are some amazing styles on Fifth Collection which you can add to a simple outfit to take it to the next level and make it feel much more stylish than it was before.

Go Metallic

If you want to make a statement with your outfit this winter and show off to the world, one of the things you can definitely think about doing is to use metallics in your outfit. You can buy dressed which have metallic embossing on them, rose gold bomber jackets and skirts, and even some bright silver shoes if you really want to have some fun. You’ll look like a psychedelic dream and it will certainly turn all eyes on you!

Wear one bold colour

If you want to keep things simple and look flawless, one of the easiest things you can do for yourself is to wear just one bold colour alongside your outfit. This could be a bright red, blue, green or even yellow and it will stand out and make you look and feel more fashionable and pretty immediately. One colour can give you an effortless look and it will also make you feel more confident which is a huge bonus.

Stick to your figure

Your body shape will always be a big factor when it comes to choosing your clothes because different body shapes need to wear different styles to appease their body and make their most stunning features stand out. Let’s say for example that you are an apple shape. You will likely want to show off your breasts and your curves but also make the waist seem a little smaller than it is. A wrap dress is ideal for this because it will show off cleavage, sinch in at the waist and then will flow for a feminine and stunning outfit. Take a look online at clothes for your body shape to see how you could be accentuating yourself better this year. It will be a good decision and make you feel like a true fashionista.

Capturing the Newborn Days with Keepsakes

When you’ve got a new baby, life can feel a little overwhelming with the sleep deprivation, constant laundry, and the diaper changes. So when it comes to making the time special, it can often get a little overlooked and you may forget to do some things that you would want to. After all, that new time with a baby is really important and it does fly by quickly. So capturing the moments so that you have some keepsakes from that time is really important.

If you are a mom-to-be, or have a little one, or are looking for ways to help a friend or relative that has a new baby, then here are some of the things that you could get done, or encourage them to get done, so that the memory of those precious early days is remembered.


Newborn Photoshoot

Because newborns sleep so much at first, getting a photoshoot of them where they are just looking adorable and sleepy is a really precious time. When they are more awake and more on the move, it is a whole new thing. So it can be a good idea to have a photographer booked in when you’re pregnant, so that you’re not having to think about it too much when the baby is here. You don’t have to be in the pictures if you don’t want to, but the ones of the baby will be there to treasure.

Birthstone Jewelry

Getting a piece of jewelry with your baby’s birthstone in, like the ones from Galaxy Gold, can be a great way to treat yourself or get a new mom. It is something that is simple, that can’t be grabbed too much by the baby, but it is personal and meaningful to you. Those kinds of gifts can really be the best.

Hand and Feet Prints

Another classic thing that can be done with a newborn is to get some hand or footprints printed and molded. These could be ones that you do yourself, or there are professionals that will then make the print into an ornament or something to frame and display. It is a precious time to remember just how tiny those hands and feet were, and can also be a lovely thing to do if you or someone you know suffers baby loss or a stillbirth, so that memory is always there.


Writing about life with a newborn can feel like the last thing on your mind when you’re in the thick of it. But when you do so, through a journal or a blog, it can really make a difference to how you are feeling. It can be therapeutic, as well as an amazing thing to read and look back on, especially when your child is older too. So this could be something that you just do for yourself. Or if you’re a friend looking for a gift to give, then giving them the gift of a journal or other stationery could work well for that too.

Six Ways To Boost Your Confidence Post-Pregnancy

Before you get pregnant with your first child, it’s more common to envision the pretty baby that you’ll get to have to dress up and admire. A piece of yourself walking around alongside you; babies are a miracle. Here’s the thing though: most women forget to picture themselves with the baby. So, while they imagine themselves immaculately presented and ready for anything, they forget that they’re going to have a baby keeping them up all night. One that has left their body split and sore and stretched in ways that no one considers.

The baby is a wonderful addition to your life, of course, but feeling confident and back to yourself after a child is born? That’s as much of a miracle as the baby is. A lot of feeling confident as a parent comes from feeling well in yourself, which is why self-care after a baby is such a big deal. There are detox diet plans to get you out of the pregnancy ‘stuffing your face’ stage and into a healthier you, and there’s also ensuring that you do things that make you feel good. The happier and more confident that you are as a mother will mean that your baby is calm, happier and your relationship thrives in the midst of filthy nappies and night feeds. So, how can you get your confidence back as a new mother?

  1. Be Kind. To yourself as well as others. You need to start your day, every day, with words of kindness to yourself. Remind yourself that you are a strong, fierce woman who birthed a child and survived. That alone should boost your mood.

  2. Get Intimate. You’re tired, you have puke stains on your shoulder and you’ve had about three hours of sleep in as many days. But getting hold of your partner and reminding each other of your affections is a great way to boost your confidence.

  3. Embrace Exhaustion. There is not going to be a day between now and the next eighteen years that you don’t feel tired. If you can own this and manage it instead of giving into it, you can push through your routines and feel healthy. Keep busy and stick to your usual health and beauty routines and you’ll stave off PND as well as up your confidence in yourself.

  4. Not A Temple. Your body is not a temple. Temples can be torn down. Your body is a forest; it can regrow in thousands of ways, over and over again. Think of your body this way and you’ll be the embodiment of empowerment.

  5. Gently Exercise. The last thing on your mind with a tiny baby is working out. Long walks with the pram, gentle workouts and any way that raises your heart rate can make you feel pumped and release happy hormones that give you new confidence.

  6. Shop! When you’re really feeling low about your post-baby body, take yourself shopping. Bring the baby. Look at your body sans pregnancy and then smile in the mirror. Your body grew the living, breathing baby in the pram. It’s magic made real.

Confidence is the preference, but you should give yourself time to recover and embrace the new you.

A Bored Child Is A Frustrated Child

Remember when you were a kid and you felt bored? You had to tell the whole world about it, especially your parents. It was like time was ticking slower, just for you. Now that you’re a parent, can you imagine what boredom feels like for your children? It also symbolises something that we may not want to admit up front. We just don’t have any ideas. You’re not expected to be some kind of magic 8-ball where you can randomly come up with activities for the children to do. But, you do need to make the effort as keeping the children active in some way will keep them content. When they have time off school, that is a chance for the whole family to do something and not just lounge around. Kids these days need to be encouraged to not watch television for hours on end and nor play videos games for hours and hours too.

A bowl of fantasy

Getting children to help in the garden is difficult, but getting them to stop mucking around in the soil and mud, now there’s a challenge. Why not mix both worlds, and create a fantasy miniature home and garden in a plant bowl? Get a large plant or flower bowl that you would normally have for the garden, and tip some soft soil into it. You and the children can make a little home or garden that is purely from your imaginations. For the home you can make it out of cardboard or buy a small birdhouse. The kids can paint it whatever colours they want, and put their choice of plants, pebbles, and flowers in it. They can make their own characters and make up a story about the home and the person that lives in it.

Taming the water

Oh to be young and have boundless levels of energy, how would you use your youthful spark? When school is off and the kids are at home, they can get restless as you can imagine. But for that, there are school holiday activities at CIWW where they can get into their own kayak and start learning how to tame the waters. There will be professionals ready to teach them how to balance, basic and advanced paddling techniques and get them to confidently go through a course. If being in a small boat isn’t their thing then they can also receive surfing lessons in a controlled environment. If they just want something calmer, than there are canoes they and you can get in and gently ride the water. Either way, you'll get some exercise and the kids stay happy and active.

Sponging around

Something that’s simple but will give you great bang for buck is a spiky sponge. Get several sponges of different colours. Cut them up into identical rectangles. Take 2 or 3, and lay them on one side and grab another 2 or 3 and use waterproof glue to stick the ends together. Repeat this process until you have a spikey ball. Wait for them to dry properly and now they can be used as harmless reusable water bombs. Now it's time for kids versus parents, in the back garden in a water balloon fight!

Not having anything to do while you’re filled to the brim with energy is going to lead to some destructive behaviours. Having something planned and ready to do when the kids get some time off school so you can bond and keep their minds busy at the same time.

How To Fall Back In Love With How You Look

As a woman, it’s not secret that you are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way. This pressure can end up causing all kinds of psycological issues, including depression and anxiety, and of course, issues with your body size and shape. The world is a cruel place and because of this learning to love yourself can be difficult at times, especially when your body has undergone changes, such as childbirth, for instance.

While it’s normal to not always be totally in love with your body, it’s not healthy to dislike how you look. That’s why if you’ve got to a point in life where you no longer like how you look, it’s important that you are proactive about changing that. You deserve to be happy and if your appearance is having an impact on that, you need to change that.

Of course, what a lot of women don’t understand is how to go about changing that. What does it take to change how you feel about yourself? To help you learn to love yourself more, below are some tips and suggestions - have a read, take note, and consider implementing some of these and you might surprise yourself and end up feeling like a far happier and more confident version of yourself.


Determine what makes you lack confidence

The first step to changing how you feel about yourself is determining why you feel that way in the first place. If you don’t take the time to better understand why you don’t love yourself for who you are, you can’t remedy the problem. So, take a moment to think about yourself and you appearance, and try to think about the things that cause you to lack confidence.

This is an important step to take, because without working out what is causing you to feel the way that you do, you will struggle to make changes and improve your life for the better. You might find it easier to jot down the things you dislike about yourself as and when you feel them, so that you are able to slowly build up the list.

Decide what you can do about that

Once you have determind what it is that is impacting your self-confidence, the next step is to decide what you should do about it. The good news is that normally, when it comes to issues impacting how you feel about yourself, you can deal with them in a positive way, it’s just a case of knowing how to do that.

For instance, say you aren’t happy with your size and shape, then perhaps you could look at ways that you could make changes, such as by eating healthier foods and exercising more reguarly, for instance. Or, say for instance, your teeth are what make you feel incomfortable in your own skin because they’re stained or wonky, then perhaps having some dental work done, such as teeth whitening or dental implants from an implant dentist could be the answer.

While you shouldn’t have to change how you look to feel comfortable in your own skin, if doing so will make you feel better then it’s worthwhile. The relationship that you have with yourself is something that you need to learn how to perfect, when it comes to the thoughts and feelings that you have about your appearance.

Use affirmations to feel better

The key to success when it comes to learning to love yourself is building yourself up, instead of ripping yourself down. How you think about your body and appearance has a big impact on how you actually feel about it. It changes everything, which is why you need to truely believe that you are beautiful if you are going to actually start to feel better about yourself.

When you see yourself in the mirror, instead of focusing on your flaws, think about the things about you that you love. So you might be a larger dress size than you would like but that doesn’t need to define you. Maybe your skin isn’t as smooth as you wish it was, but that doesn’t need to make you feel bad about yourself.

Dress to impress

A simple way to make yourself feel better about your appearance is to dress to impress. When it comes to what you wear, it can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. If you are going to actually feel good about yourself, you need to dress in a way that makes you feel good. When you dress to impress, you begin to feel far better about how you look which gives you the confidence that you need to feel better about yourself.

It can be hard learning to love how you look, but if you take note of the tips above, you should be able to fall back in love with yourself.

The Ultimate Guide To Feeling Good About Yourself


How often do you feel good about yourself? If you immediately want to say never or not that often, you’re not alone. Because so many of us suffer with self-consciousness. And we’re often way too tough on ourselves. It’s so natural to have negative thoughts and go to negative self-talk without really thinking about it. Our brains tend to be programmed to talk ourselves down, rather than give ourselves praise and it’s just so damaging. Wouldn’t you just love to be happy about yourself rather than feel negative? Wouldn’t you love to wake up every single morning and feel great and in love with yourself and your life? Of course you would! But it just seems so difficult to actually do that.

Sometimes, we’re worried about coming across as conceited or self-centered when we are kind to ourselves. But the thing is, the tougher you are on yourself, the worse you’re going to feel about yourself. And what’s the benefit of that! If you want to be happy in your life, you need to be happy in your life. So it’s incredibly important for you to be able to feel good about yourself. Yet when you naturally want to put yourself down, this can be tough. So let’s take a look at what you can do to start feeling good about yourself now.

Be Positive

First of all, the most important thing that you can work on here, is your mindset. If you’re someone that is naturally quite negative, then you may struggle to ever feel good about yourself. Instead, you need to work on being positive. Simply choosing to see the world in a good light can really lift your spirits. It’s also going to help you to start being a lot more positive about yourself too.

Focus On What You Like About Yourself

When you’re starting to be more positive, you’ll then want to think about the things that you do like about yourself. Forget about the things you don’t like, because you’re going to learn to love them. Instead, focus on what you do like. From beauty to brains, start being kind to yourself. Feel good about your long legs or shapely bum. Love your ability to talk to everyone or your aptitude for numbers. Just start to praise yourself for your strengths.

Exercise & Eat Well

Something that will always make you feel amazing is exercise. Sure, you won’t always feel that motivated to do it, but exercise is proven to make you feel good about yourself. At the same time, you should look to nourish your body with the best possible foods. When you eat well, it will make you feel energized and so much better in yourself.

Pamper Yourself

Who doesn’t feel amazing after a good old fashioned pamper? We all know that taking care of ourselves can make us feel great, so start to make this a priority. Even take that a step further and look into the treatments using things like coolsculpting videos and other reviews, to help you work out what you should do. By having a good pamper, you’ll always feel your best.

Spend Time With Positive People

Now, if you tend to spend a lot of time with negative people, you will realize that you have a bit of a problem. You will start to be affected by their attitudes and opinions! So, instead, start to spend time with people that are positive and that lift you up - it can make a world of difference to how you feel.

Put Your Needs First

Above all else, you need to start putting your needs first. If you’re always thinking about others and putting them above yourself, you may start to feel resentment and this can then impact on your happiness. So really work on what’s best for you, and you’ll find this starts to make you feel good.

Focus On What You Want Out Of Life

Lastly, you absolutely have to make sure that you’re thinking about yourself, your life, and what you want. Because if you’re always feeling down and you’re always looking at life with a negative view, it could be that you’re just not on the right path. So, instead, you’ll want to make sure that you know exactly what you want out of your life, and that you’re always focusing on that. When you can align your actions and intentions with what you actually want, you should find that you start to feel so much better about both yourself and your life.


Taking Care of Your Family This Autumn


Now that summer is drawing to a close, and the kids are going back to school, it’s time to think about getting ready for Autumn.

Soon the leaves will begin to fall and there’ll be a certain anticipation in the air as we approach Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas!  Whilst the days are going to start getting colder and the nights will soon start to draw in there are many wonderful things about being in the UK at this time of year, particularly when you have a family…

Autumn, as a season is all about getting cosy, whether that’s lighting your log burner for the first time and snuggling up with a good film, or perhaps enjoying your first bowl of warming soup, it’s a great time of year - yet, it’s also a time of year we must start taking care of things.

For instance, the next few weeks provide a much better time to put those jigsaw reviews to use and finish off any summer DIY projects… as, anything to do with DIY tends to be much more pleasant whilst the weather is still a comfortable temperature, and the night’s are still light.

In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few aspects you’ll want to take care of this autumn:


Now that the summer party season is drawing to a close, this is the time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead… for instance, you might want to consider cutting the lawn one last time with some added fertiliser and grass seeds to replenish the lawn that has provided for you and your family throughout summer.


In summer, we end up putting all manner of things in our garden shed from surfboards to paddling pools, but when it comes to the winter you’ll want easy access to essentials such as window scrapers and grit for the driveway.


There are many ways you can prepare for the colder nights, but one of the most effective is to resolve any draughts in terms of insulation, as the more insulated your home is the more it will retain the heat, meaning not only will it be cosier but it will be cheaper too.  

It’s good to buy what you need now, as often you can find cheap deals prior to winter on items such as electric blankets, hot water bottles, or snug sleepsuits.  Also, if your boiler needs work done on it, then now would be a much better time than leaving it until the busiest time of the year for plumbers… when the cold weather first strikes.


It might seem far away, but we’re only actually few months away from Christmas, and as many people like to spend in the pre-Christmas Black Friday sales, it gives you an even sooner deadline to stock up on gifts.

If you are financially responsible for your family, then Christmas can be quite an uphill struggle for many parents - as unfortunately, it can be a very expensive time due to the insatiable requests for cool toys, festive food, alcohol and even the cost of travel if you have family scattered all over the country.

3 Lessons Parents Should Learn About Doctor Visits

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your child’s health. You will always go to the worse case scenario in your mind. If they have a mild cough, you could still convince yourself that they have a serious illness. That’s when you’ll probably end up at your doctor’s office. But there are a few things that you need to know about doctors as a parent that will help you when you are taking trips like this.


Know When You Should Visit A Doctor

There are times when you should take a trip to the doctor with your child. A high fever for instance can be a serious warning sign. It’s often hard to judge what qualifies as a high fever so if in doubt, do get it checked. Or at the very least make a call. Other symptoms that appear like diaper rash will appear and then go away after a couple of days with the appropriate home care. Although, even this can last longer and may require treatment from a professional. The issue with going to see a doctor can be the waiting room which is often filled with bacteria and infections from other ill adults and children. That’s why you might want to check if your doctor offers online consultations and video calls. These can be beneficial in certain scenarios, if a physical examination is not required.  

Get A Second Opinion

I don’t mean to scare you, but a lot of wrongful death cases could have been prevented if someone had asked another doctor for a second opinion. Doctors are only human, they will make mistakes. You need to be prepared for this and make sure that you are getting a second opinion from a doctor. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to a mistake that cost your child their life or at the very least, miss a serious medical issue.

You might want to ask to see a second doctor at your clinic. However, ideally, you want to see a doctor in a completely fresh location. This will ensure that the second doctor isn’t impacted by the opinion of the first.

Don’t Overly Rely On Internet Wisdom

I know the internet can be helpful, but you do need to be careful of relying on the internet for medical advice. If you think your child has a symptom of an illness it could be better to check with a doctor rather than online. You see, the internet will provide you with all possible diagnosis and may not distinguish between the outcome that is likely and the outcome that is rare. A doctor of course, can provide an expert opinion and stop you from pulling out your own hair as you read that ‘c’ word fifty thousand times when your child has a rash.

If you learn these lessons, you’ll find keeping your child’s health in check with doctor visits is a lot easier. While it is important to get issues checked nine times out ten, they won’t be serious at all.


Stylish Gift ideas for the Man in Your Life


It does not have to be a birthday or Christmas to want to buy your man a stylish gift; you can do it any time of year. For some women, it is a way of making sure they dress well or that they have accessories that will compliment their attire. Then there are things that you just know they will love because of a hobby or interest they have. It could even be the latest piece of tech, as most men love that.

Soft Lambswool Scarf

A soft lambswool scarf will look good with whatever he is wearing, whether it is formal or casual clothing. They are available in a range of colors and patterns for around $100.

Cashmere Sweater


Every man should have at least one cashmere sweater in his wardrobe. They are stylish and warm in the winter months. Cashmere sweaters sound more expensive than they are. For example, the John Henric US Collection has them for as little as $169, and in their sale for even less. If you shop around, you’ll find some great deals.

Latest Apple Watch

This will set you back $329 but will mean no more carrying a phone. It has 18 hours of battery life and is water resistant to 50 meters.  It looks better than the previous models and has many improved features. It will not only look good when he is wearing it, but will also make keeping in touch a lot simpler.

A Luxurious Bathrobe

This gift is to enhance his grooming regime and to help him feel pampered.  A luxurious bathrobe could set you back as much as $150, but it will be money well spent when he feels so comfortable lounging around after a bath or shower.

A Weatherproof Jacket


Of course, if you live in an area that does not get much cold and rain, this might not be a good idea. However, if you reside somewhere that has a true winter season, this could be one of the best gifts you could buy.  A wax-coated outer with a fleece warm inside is perfect for keeping him dry and warm in the winter months, and you can buy good quality weatherproof jackets for around $300.

Porsche Design Pen

A flick of the wrist brings the ink cartridge out on this pen by Porsche, and another flick outs it away again. It is available in five different materials and colors, and if you cannot afford to buy him a Porsche car, this could be a gift that is a bit different that he will appreciate. There are not many other things made by Porsche that will only cost you $120.

A Real Leather Wallet


Nothing beats the style and smell of real leather, particularly when it is new. This is the sort of thing men do not buy for themselves, but they love to use them. You can pick these up from about $250, but the price does depend on what type of leather they are.

Stylish gifts for your man do not have to cost a fortune. You can buy some really nice items at reasonable prices, and surprise him with a gift he will treasure.


How to Take Care of Any New Piercings (Properly)

If you want to get a piercing done then you will understand how exciting this can be. You may find that you have a lot of anticipation and you may even be trying to find specific piercings that you like as well. The problem is that not enough people care for their piercings properly and if you fall into this category then you may find that you open yourself up for a ton of infection and other related problems.

Always Use a Needle

Your piercer may be tempted to use a gun and this is completely safe but if you can, you should ask them to use a needle. A gun will shoot the earring through with a huge amount of pressure and this means that it will cause a lot of damage to the tissue. It can be hard to maintain the sterilisation of a gun as well as it is mostly plastic but with a needle, you will find that it has a much greater level of accuracy and that it is also totally sterile. Some say that a gun hurts less but this is a total myth, and you would be surprised at how little a needle hurts when it is done properly.


Avoid Rubbing Alcohol

When you are cleaning a new piercing, wash it with soap and water. You may also want to use saline solution as well. At the end of the day you want to avoid rubbing alcohol if possible. Alcohol can dry the piercing out and if it does happen to get too dry then it will crack and bleed. This will ultimately cause the wound to remain open and this is the last thing that you need. Try and use oil-based soap if possible as this will soften the tissue and promote healing. Check out this ultimate guide to nipple piercings if you want to find out more about healing, beauty and piercing.


Swelling and Infection

If you know that your piercing is swollen or if it is bothering you then usually you don’t have anything to worry about. Radiating heat, secretion fluid or even redness is usually a sign of irritation and not infection. Any reputable piercer will be able to take a look at your piercing and they will be able to put your mind at ease as well. If the worst-case scenario happens then all you have to do is remove your piercing. Of course, it also helps to make sure that you are cleaning the piercing as much as possible without removing it and it also helps to make sure that you avoid moving it around too much as well. Some people get tempted to twist or move their piercing when it is still healing and this can result in newly formed tissue being disrupted. This is the last thing that you need when you are trying to heal so you should always try and leave your piercing alone unless you are trying to clean it or even unless you are trying to remove any infection.

Staying Strong As A Mom When Life Gets Hard

Life has a way of twisting and turning when you don’t expect it. Every person has expectations for themselves when they’re young and when those expectations aren’t met, life feels a lot harder than you ever imagined it could be. You feel like a failure; and it’s not a nice feeling to go through. You can be the most kick-ass parent in the world with the most amazing kids who are politer than you could have hoped. And then life muscles in and turns itself on its head and bam; you don’t feel strong enough to be a parent right now.

The thing is, you don’t have a choice.


It doesn’t matter whether you have been served papers for divorce. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had some horrendous news at work and have lost your job. It doesn’t even matter if your personal injury claim after that accident last year still hasn’t been settled. When life does a 180 on you when you don’t expect it, you have to suit up, show up and be Mom. The bricks that are piling on your shoulders right now aren’t as important as getting up and getting the kids ready for school. They’re not as important as completing the science project homework. You have to show up for your kids no matter how tough your life gets, because they need you beyond anyone else. However, none of this means you can’t hold your hands up, close your eyes and ask the universe for a break. It also doesn’t mean that your partner, mother, friend or relative can’t take over for an afternoon so that you can regroup. Here are some things that you can do to stay strong and collected when you really just want to curl up in a ball under the duvet:

Treat Yourself. So, life has become a little bit…difficult. You need to be reminded of life’s pleasures. That means you need to go to Starbucks, or the mall, or the little café in that one place that you love, and you need to get yourself a hot drink and a pastry. Sit and taste your food slowly and sip your drink slowly. Sit and breathe. Sometimes that little pick me up is all you need to continue.

Rant. You need your phone, a quiet place and another parent on your side to rant to. Venting is so important as a parent; just having a whinge can help you to blow off steam.

Breathe. There is no yoga, Pilates or meditation video that you need, but you do need to put one hand over your chest and feel the rise and fall of your lungs as you breathe. It’s not as corny as it sounds. Focusing on your breathing can calm a racing mind and help you to centre yourself. Try it and see.

Life is going to bite you in the behind sometimes. How you handle it is going to determine your strength. You can still be the best Mom, but you need to take care of you, too.

5 Important Choices You’ll Make For Your Child


There are some choices every parent has to make for their child. Here are some of the biggest questions to consider when becoming a parent.

Are they going to be breastfed?

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? Whilst many decisions can be made by most parents, this is something that only you as a mom can decide. Some moms are eager to breastfeed – it’s natural, convenient and much cheaper than relying on formula milk. That said, the thought of breastfeeding can be uncomfortable for many women – it can be painful and some moms can find it a real struggle to produce the milk that their baby needs due to stress and other factors. If you’re uncertain, do your research online, visit breastfeeding classes and talk to other people.

Are they going to be circumcised?

If you’ve had a boy, you may also want to get them circumcised. This is another hotly debated topic amongst new parents. If you’re unsure, it’s worth visiting clinic sites where you can read more about the procedure. There are lots of conflicting studies when it comes to health benefits, so you’re best doing your own research. Of course, circumcision may be a religious requirement, which is something you may want to talk to your religious leader about if you’re unsure about it.  

Are they getting vaccinated?

Vaccines are another hot topic of debate. Whilst getting your child vaccinated can protect them against the threat of many lethal diseases, there are links to conditions such as autism that put many parents off. As with circumcision, you should conduct your own research and weigh up the risks. If you decide to go through with vaccines, your local doctor will be able to advise as to when to book these jabs.

Which foods will they be allowed?

As your child gets a bit older and moves beyond milk and water, you may want to consider trying new foods and drinks. This is where you may want to start controlling your child’s diet. If you or your partner is a vegetarian you may debate over giving your child meat. Many parents are also reluctant to move children onto sugary drinks, whilst others are also against artificial sugar substitutes. Enforcing a diet may involve telling other people such as grandparents and babysitters to ensure that they aren’t given these forbidden foods.

How will they be schooled

Beyond this, you’ll then have to decide what to do about your child’s schooling. Some parents sign children up to a public school, others pay extra for a private school and others prefer to homeschool their children. Make sure that you and your partner agree on a decision – this can sometimes be a source of bitter dispute so be certain to discuss early so that you’re not rushing to make a decision just before they reach school age.


How to Deal with Year Round Skin Woes


Your skin goes through a lot each day - from the burning hot sun into air-conditioned shade to bright sunlight to cold rain and that’s just the weather! But keeping your skin soft and smooth doesn’t have to be impossible. The key is to figure out what your skin needs throughout the year to stay beautiful.

Though some problems might persist throughout the year, others are definitely attached to particular seasons. As the weather changes, the needs of your skin changes too and so your skincare routine should step up to prevent as well as cure.

There are a lot of ideas and plenty of advice online about the best way to keep your skin healthy and you can find skincare products to obsess about at the BeautyProductWarnings.com site. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, here’s where you should start.

Burnt Skin

The summer months are brilliant for topping up your tan, increasing your Vitamin D levels and generally having a lot of outdoor fun. However, too much sun can be dangerous for your skin and without proper care, you can easily get burnt.

Wearing proper sunscreen is vital and even if you don’t think that you will have a problem, even using a lower SPF can help to protect your skin. However, you are well advised by the American Cancer Society to wear at least SPF 30 to ensure that your skin is protected. Top up your sunscreen throughout the day to stay safe.

Making sure that you cover up when you are out for a long period of time and you seek shade at the hottest part of the day can also help to protect your skin. Your sunscreen is never going to provide 100% protection so you should also keep an eye on how you are feeling. Remember: your face is likely to be the most exposed part of your skin so using a higher SPF is a good idea. You can also find moisturizers with some sun protection that might be useful in spring or autumn when the sun is a little less harsh.

If you do get burned and you are accidentally looking more lobster than bronzed, you can still rescue the situation with a few home remedies. Aloe is a great way to help cool and soothe the skin and is a vital ingredient in lots of moisturizing products. Spread the lotion on your skin to help it recover some of the lost moisture.

It goes without saying that you should stay out of the sun until your burnt skin has healed. A cool bath might help to soothe your symptoms and you must ensure that you stay well hydrated. If you have blisters, the skin goes white or you experience any visual changes or seizures, you must seek medical help immediately.


Dull Skin

Often a precursor to dry skin, dull skin is a sign that you need to take a little more care to ensure that your skin is radiant and healthy. The key here is to find a skin routine that suits you and to recognize problems quickly so that your skin doesn’t stay dull for very long. And while you are treating your skin, there are plenty of beauty products on the market to help you fake it till you make it!

Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial for your skin as it relies upon water to keep its plumpness. Even though you might think that you are drinking plenty, if your skin isn’t looking bright, adding an extra glass or two of water could be the difference you need. Plus, upping the amount you drink will also give you a bit more energy, help you to concentrate and even help you maintain a healthy weight.

Stress can affect you in lots of different ways and if your skin is suffering, it is time to take some action. Relaxing in a warm bath with a face mask is a great way to take some time out to chill but will also help to clear your pores. Using an exfoliator to massage your face will also help to clear dead skin cells and the massage will increase blood flow to your face, plumping the skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can occur throughout the year but the winter months can be the most problematic. The problem is that you are going out into harsh cold weather bringing wind burn and then going into heated rooms where the air is dry. So what can you do to help your skin along?

Adding a cool air humidifier might sound counter-productive, but actually, by adding some moisture to the air inside, your skin will be a bit happier as the top layer is more likely to stay hydrated. Introducing a thicker or heavier face cream will also protect this top layer and stop it drying out so quickly.

If you do get dry skin, using a light exfoliator will help to remove the dead skin cells so that you can return the moisture to the layer underneath. Be very gentle with this process, though, as you don’t want to expose your skin too much and risk even more dry skin.

Dry feet is a big problem and the longer you leave this dry skin, the more likely it is to crack. The summer is a particularly problematic time for this as your feet are more exposed in cute sandals, but taking good care throughout the year is key. Soaking your feet a couple of times a week and using a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells is a good idea. However, do make sure that you add a moisturizer immediately afterwards to replace the natural oils you will have lost in the soak.

Acne Breakouts

It might be associated with teenagers, but acne can happen at any time, at any age. This is especially true for women as acne is linked to the hormonal cycle. Your skin products may also cause blemishes, especially if they are too heavy for your skin type, so if you are experiencing a lot of acne, it might be worth reviewing your skin care regime and trying gentler products.

Using a cleanser every day is a good way to avoid breakouts as this will remove dead skin cells and keep your pores clear. However, there is no way to completely avoid acne so be ready to combat spots when they appear. Acne is often caused by an increase in oil production triggered by hormones and is exacerbated by the acne bacteria on your skin. This is why cleansing every day is so important.

To treat acne, the first rule is that you must never try to pop spots. The bacteria causing inflammation will only spread if you do this, which is why you should avoid touching the spots as much as possible. Start by using over the counter treatments such as benzoyl peroxide cream to help your spots clear up and try using face masks for a deeper cleanse.

If you are still suffering with acne after a couple of weeks, see a doctor for a stronger prescription to help clear your skin. You might need to take hormone medications like the pill to help regulate your hormones and you may also be prescribed antibiotics to help clear up the infection. For many women, acne is a long battle, but the sooner you notice your symptoms and start treating them, the faster the clear up will be. Don’t hesitate to see your doctor!


Aging Skin

Over time, your skin will age, just as you will but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While wrinkles may be dreaded and sagging cheeks are often the target of plastic surgery ads, these symptoms are simply a sign of a life well lived. And, as long as you take proper care of your skin, there is no reason that you should worry about these things.

You are what you eat and if you want to have lovely plump skin, then eating foods that contain omega fatty acids like fish and getting a good range of vitamins and minerals from foods like avocados and walnuts, is the best idea. While it might be a myth that oily foods cause acne, it is clear that the healthier your diet is, the healthier and younger you skin will appear.

Interestingly, there is also the suggestion that massaging your face and neck can help to reduce wrinkles and help to plump the skin by stimulating the muscles below. How true this is remains to be seen, but it sounds like a good excuse to have regular facials anyway!

Your skin is the foundation of your beauty and looking after it well won’t just keep you looking young, but should also improve your general health and wellbeing too. Though there are a lot of different potential problems thrown at us throughout the year, learning to recognize the symptoms and having a treatment ready will ensure that your skin is the best it can be all year round.