3 Tips for Taking More Pride in Your Appearance


Guys aren’t necessarily encouraged to take pride in their appearance, as a rule. All too often, an interest in fashion or presentation among men is seen as arrogant, vain, and gratuitous.

Sure, guys are expected to exercise good personal hygiene and look presentable, but there often aren’t many avenues in place to help young men, in particular, who are dissatisfied with their appearances and want to take active steps to reinvent themselves.

All the same, taking pride in your appearance is a sub-category of overall self-care that can have a tremendous and positive impact on your overall self-esteem and confidence, not to mention how seriously you take yourself in all the different domains of your life.

If you’re not very happy with your appearance, and haven’t really been motivated in the past to take proactive steps to change the situation, here are some tips for taking more pride in your appearance.

Treat fashion as a game or hobby

Getting into fashion can be difficult for people who haven’t ever paid much attention to it before, and even attempting to “dress stylishly” can seem embarrassing, arrogant, and over-the-top for those whose self-confidence isn’t very high.

One useful trick is to treat fashion as a game or a hobby. Imagine you were playing some kind of videogame where you had to style up your character the way you wanted — but in this case, you are the character.

Invest in props like a tie rack and get into the “hobby”. Experiment with different style combinations, check out online blogs and catalogues to see what’s popular and what appeals to you, and reinvent your appearance from this semi-detached position of playing a game.

Rebuild your wardrobe, focusing on quality, not quantity

Many people have their wardrobes filled with pretty low-quality and unflattering clothes that they’ve accumulated over the years, but have very few high-quality, tailored items that they can really take pride in wearing.

There’s nothing wrong with having some cheap, generic t-shirts, but if your whole wardrobe is made up with poorly-fitting novelty graphic T’s, you might want to try rebuilding your wardrobe, focusing on quality rather than quality.

Get rid of clothes that you really don’t like, or that don’t do a lot for you, and buy a few outfits that you can really take pride in. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Start focusing on improving your overall health and fitness

Focusing on developing your overall health and fitness is an excellent way of improving not only your health, but also your sense of confidence, and the amount of pride you take in your appearance.

Often, people’s physical insecurities and lack of pride in their appearance are connected to body insecurities, such as being overweight, or not being muscular enough. Anything you can do that will move your physique closer towards your ideal will naturally make you feel better about yourself.

And if you’re happier with your physique, you’ll automatically be more inclined to want to dress in a flattering way.