4 Tips For Prepping For A New Baby

A new baby is a total adventure. From pregnancy to birth, a Mom is completely overwhelmed - in a good way - about what’s to come and what a baby will mean for her life. Everything is about to change and things will never be the same again. The one thing that will always be the same, though, is the fact that Mom’s have money to spend on their new babes before they arrive.

Getting ready for the arrival of a baby takes a lot of prep work, and babies are expensive. That means that you’ve got nine months to get your house ready so that you are stocked and ready for your baby to arrive. You need to use your pregnancy to get ready, because once your baby arrives, your life is going to whirlwind. Let’s take a look at four tips to help you get ready for preparing for your new baby.


The Basics. You may be fretting about a nursery for your baby, but as long as you have a crib set up in your bedroom for them to sleep in, you’re going to have enough. You don’t NEED a nursery set up before the baby arrives, while it’s nice to have one to store all the bulk baby diapers you’re likely going to get. If you do have a nursery ready, remember that you need a cot for the baby to sleep in, but that the space should be empty aside from a fitted sheet. That means no bumpers, Mama, and you can read here as to why.

Stocking Up. We just mentioned the bulk buying of baby diapers. If you plan to do this to get ahead, keep some money one side for micro diapers if baby is preemie, or larger diapers if baby is a chubby one! You need to make sure that you keep all the receipts, but you can buy wipes, Muslin cloths and diapers nice and early so you’re ready. If you want to go the extra mile and you have the cash, consider buying sleepsuits and vests in a range of sizes so that you can be prepared.

Hospital Bag. Packing your hospital bag early according to lists like this one is a good idea. Anything can happen in pregnancy and you want to be ready when it does. Plan your hospital route early and keep a change purse in the hospital bag to pay for a taxi if no one can drive you there.

You, Yourself. You need to prepare yourself. It’s not just attending breastfeeding classes and Mommy and Me groups - it’s about getting ready for the waves of baby blues you could feel. It’s knowing that the real life of motherhood isn’t always sweet baby kisses and snuggles. Sometimes it’s hard. And as long as you are open to that, you are going to be the most awesome parent out there.

Good luck with your brand new arrival; it’s the time for an adventure.