5 Common Mum Injuries That Are Caused By Motherhood

Children are firecrackers, aren’t they? The sofa is a mountain to climb – and the leap off. The garden is a jungle filled with dangerous creatures (ants), treacherous rivers (the pond) and tall cliff faces to be conquered (the slide) and when parents let their children head off and have fun, their hearts are in their throats with worry about them hurting themselves. Children have zero boundaries or care when it comes to safety and comfort. Heights are fun, depths are a mission and balancing on the top of a wall without a safety harness? Well, that’s just an adventure. Parents are constantly on the lookout for their kids to prevent injury – but what about parents?

When you’re at work and in an accident or you have a fall, you get some help from companies like www.DolmanLaw.com/legal-services/trip-fall-inury-attornerys/ for financial support while you recover. The thing is, motherhood on its own causes some injuries that – conveniently – no one tells you about when you are planning to have a baby. Nice of them, huh? Mum’s around the world may panic about how to help their kids if they get hurt, but almost every mother is sporting some kind of injury that is caused directly by mothering the wild children in their homes. Here are five of the most common injuries.


Herniated Hips. Right handed Mum’s tend to pop their baby onto their left hip and carry them there throughout the day. Years of doing this can cause an ache that never really goes away, and it can also cause the right knee to hurt where you’ve put years of pressure down.

Pulled Spine. Pregnancy distorts your body in the most beautiful and painful way possible. 20lb of uterus that has stretched to accommodate growing limbs means that the belly comes forward and the spine bends to accommodate it. Keep an eye on any twinges in case they turn into a little more than just pregnancy back.

Separated Muscles. The muscles in your abs are strong, but the pressure from a growing womb can cause them to separate and stretch, which can lead to hernias and a sagging tummy. You can have surgery to stitch separated muscles back together, but it’s usually cosmetic unless causing you great pain. See here how you can check if your muscles have separated badly.

Scratches. Those tiny newborn hands that are wrinkled and cute? They have lethal nails on the end of them. Soft enough that they cut like butter doesn’t mean that they are any less painful when you are scratched. Most mothers sport face and arm scratches that other mothers notice and nod to acknowledge. It’s the badge of honour you never knew you had!

Tailbone Pain. Pushing out a baby? That’s hard work! The tailbone at the bottom of the spine has a ton of pressure put upon it at this point in life, and it’s something that can bother you for years.

Injuries are no joke when you’re a mother and you have a house to run, so get the help you need when you need it and don’t be afraid to ask!