5 Important Choices You’ll Make For Your Child


There are some choices every parent has to make for their child. Here are some of the biggest questions to consider when becoming a parent.

Are they going to be breastfed?

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? Whilst many decisions can be made by most parents, this is something that only you as a mom can decide. Some moms are eager to breastfeed – it’s natural, convenient and much cheaper than relying on formula milk. That said, the thought of breastfeeding can be uncomfortable for many women – it can be painful and some moms can find it a real struggle to produce the milk that their baby needs due to stress and other factors. If you’re uncertain, do your research online, visit breastfeeding classes and talk to other people.

Are they going to be circumcised?

If you’ve had a boy, you may also want to get them circumcised. This is another hotly debated topic amongst new parents. If you’re unsure, it’s worth visiting clinic sites where you can read more about the procedure. There are lots of conflicting studies when it comes to health benefits, so you’re best doing your own research. Of course, circumcision may be a religious requirement, which is something you may want to talk to your religious leader about if you’re unsure about it.  

Are they getting vaccinated?

Vaccines are another hot topic of debate. Whilst getting your child vaccinated can protect them against the threat of many lethal diseases, there are links to conditions such as autism that put many parents off. As with circumcision, you should conduct your own research and weigh up the risks. If you decide to go through with vaccines, your local doctor will be able to advise as to when to book these jabs.

Which foods will they be allowed?

As your child gets a bit older and moves beyond milk and water, you may want to consider trying new foods and drinks. This is where you may want to start controlling your child’s diet. If you or your partner is a vegetarian you may debate over giving your child meat. Many parents are also reluctant to move children onto sugary drinks, whilst others are also against artificial sugar substitutes. Enforcing a diet may involve telling other people such as grandparents and babysitters to ensure that they aren’t given these forbidden foods.

How will they be schooled

Beyond this, you’ll then have to decide what to do about your child’s schooling. Some parents sign children up to a public school, others pay extra for a private school and others prefer to homeschool their children. Make sure that you and your partner agree on a decision – this can sometimes be a source of bitter dispute so be certain to discuss early so that you’re not rushing to make a decision just before they reach school age.