5 Ways To Make Baths More Relaxing


At the end of a long hard day, few things are more relaxing than a hot bath. However, you can make your bath all the more peaceful and soothing with a few bath time improvements. Here are just several ways to make baths more relaxing.

Try using Epsom salts

The buoyancy of the hot water in a bath can help to relax muscles. However, you can help to relax your muscles even more so by adding Epsom salts to the water. These salts contain magnesium sulphates – a chemical that has long been used as a natural pain killer. An Epsom salt bath is perfect for relaxing muscles after exercise when they are likely to be achy. It can also be a great way to relieve chronic pain if you have a condition such as arthritis.  

Set up a bath caddy

A bath caddy could allow you to combine bath time with other relaxing activities. These are wooden trays that fit over your bath, allowing you to prop objects on them. This could allow you to read a book in the bath or drink a glass of wine or snack on some chocolates.

Light some scented candles

Scented candles can help to bring relaxing aromas to your bathroom whilst you bathe, further helping you to destress. Scents such as jasmine and lavender are great for this purpose. You can even dim the lights and allow the candles to illuminate the room for a relaxing ambience.

Invest in a nice bathrobe

For when you step out the bath, it’s worth having a nice robe to slip into. This will give you something to look forward to and it will keep you warm. There are guides online that can help you to find the best bathrobe. It’s worth doing your research to find the ideal texture and thickness for you.  

Upgrade your tub

The ultimate way to make bath time more relaxing is of course to upgrade your tub. A luxury tub is certain to be more comfortable and spacious. There are many designs to look into – the slipper design is great for lying back in whilst circular tubs are better suited for sitting back in. Freestanding bath tubs could help to get you away from the wall giving you more elbow room, however these tubs do require a certain amount of space that few bathrooms have. Freestanding baths may also require extra plumbing, which could add to the already high purchase price. That said, such an investment could be worth it if you love your baths. There’s also the option of a whirlpool bath to  consider – such tubs contain jets which shoot out water to help simulate that Jacuzzi feel, offering some hydrotherapy massaging as you bathe.