A Bored Child Is A Frustrated Child

Remember when you were a kid and you felt bored? You had to tell the whole world about it, especially your parents. It was like time was ticking slower, just for you. Now that you’re a parent, can you imagine what boredom feels like for your children? It also symbolises something that we may not want to admit up front. We just don’t have any ideas. You’re not expected to be some kind of magic 8-ball where you can randomly come up with activities for the children to do. But, you do need to make the effort as keeping the children active in some way will keep them content. When they have time off school, that is a chance for the whole family to do something and not just lounge around. Kids these days need to be encouraged to not watch television for hours on end and nor play videos games for hours and hours too.

A bowl of fantasy

Getting children to help in the garden is difficult, but getting them to stop mucking around in the soil and mud, now there’s a challenge. Why not mix both worlds, and create a fantasy miniature home and garden in a plant bowl? Get a large plant or flower bowl that you would normally have for the garden, and tip some soft soil into it. You and the children can make a little home or garden that is purely from your imaginations. For the home you can make it out of cardboard or buy a small birdhouse. The kids can paint it whatever colours they want, and put their choice of plants, pebbles, and flowers in it. They can make their own characters and make up a story about the home and the person that lives in it.

Taming the water

Oh to be young and have boundless levels of energy, how would you use your youthful spark? When school is off and the kids are at home, they can get restless as you can imagine. But for that, there are school holiday activities at CIWW where they can get into their own kayak and start learning how to tame the waters. There will be professionals ready to teach them how to balance, basic and advanced paddling techniques and get them to confidently go through a course. If being in a small boat isn’t their thing then they can also receive surfing lessons in a controlled environment. If they just want something calmer, than there are canoes they and you can get in and gently ride the water. Either way, you'll get some exercise and the kids stay happy and active.

Sponging around

Something that’s simple but will give you great bang for buck is a spiky sponge. Get several sponges of different colours. Cut them up into identical rectangles. Take 2 or 3, and lay them on one side and grab another 2 or 3 and use waterproof glue to stick the ends together. Repeat this process until you have a spikey ball. Wait for them to dry properly and now they can be used as harmless reusable water bombs. Now it's time for kids versus parents, in the back garden in a water balloon fight!

Not having anything to do while you’re filled to the brim with energy is going to lead to some destructive behaviours. Having something planned and ready to do when the kids get some time off school so you can bond and keep their minds busy at the same time.