Comfortably Chic Instead of Frumpy Fashion for Every New Mom

When you became a Mom your entire life changed forever. You now have a tiny person who relies on you for everything every single day. Your priorities suddenly switched overnight and you feel like you have lost your sense of personal style in the process. It is true that every Mom wants to be comfy, but every Mom also wants to feel beautiful too. You don’t want to transform into a frumpy fashion-less female as soon as you have a child, so it’s time to embrace the fabulous fashionista that still lives inside you. Grab some quick and easy inspiration right here and discover your style again. Anything is possible, even after you have had children, so treat yourself right now.

Boutique Beautiful

It is likely that your body shape has changed since you had your first baby. This is nothing to be ashamed of; it is something every new mother goes through in their life. You need comfortable, yet fashionable clothing items that are going to flatter your new figure. Look no further than; here you will find a stunning collection of rompers that you can simply throw on first thing in the morning. Don’t worry about uncomfortable, tight jeans or skin hugging t-shirts any longer, buy your favourite color or pattern and feel stylish as soon as you put it on.

Back To Basics

As your body has changed, you will need to reinvest in some new basics that make you feel happy and comfortable. It’s likely that your old jeans, jackets and vest tops don’t fit you anymore, so use this as a chance to go on a super fun spree. Invest in a pair of elasticated jeans that make your butt look awesome and stock up on comfortable t-shirts in all of your favourite colors. Restocking your basics will give you the canvas you need to work with and everything will fit you so much better.


Magic Minimalism

Don’t bother being too fussy with your accessories; minimalism is so effective when you do it right. You want to be the most stylish Mom of all time, but you’ve got to remember to be practical too. Long dangly necklaces are just going to get pulled off by your baby and hoop earrings aren’t going to be helpful either. Keep your outfits chic and minimalistic, so you can do your job as a Mom as well as being super stylish.

It’s so natural for a new Mom to feel like they have lost their mojo as soon as they have their first baby, but you don’t have to lose it forever. You need to give yourself time to recover from having a baby and don’t force yourself into clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in. Rediscover your very own Mommy style and take this chance to change up your clothes for the better. Now is the perfect time to go shopping for all those cute items you have always wanted. Browse the online boutiques and grab inspiration from blogs too. You can feel fabulous when you’re a new Mom, you just need to find that inner confidence again.