Do's And Don’ts When Hosting A Baby Shower


Whether you’re hosting a baby shower for your own baby-to-be, or you have asked somebody else to throw it on your behalf, there are a few do’s and don’ts you need to consider. Take a look at some of them below, and throw a party that everybody will remember, for all of the right reasons!

DO GO FOR A THEME, as this will greatly add to the overall experience. Room decor, games, and food can all be themed according to the theme you have chosen, meaning your party will truly stand out from all the other baby showers you and your friends have attended. For your inspiration, take a look a the baby shower themes here. There is bound to be something that catches your eye for this special occasion.

DO CONSIDER COMBINING THE GENDER REVEAL, as this will offer an element of surprise to the baby shower, not only for you (if you have enlisted your partner to be the ‘secret keeper’), but to all of your friends and family as well. Popular opinion suggests you shouldn’t hold the gender reveal at the same time as the baby shower (they usually happen within different trimesters) but there are some tips at the appropriately named Gender Reveal as to how this can be done.

DO MAKE A GIFT LIST, as this will help you with your shopping list once baby is born. From birthday gifts to something more practical, send the list out to your friends in good time, and remember to opt for varying prices so there is a range of items to suit your friend’s and family's budget.

DO INVITE THE DADS. Why should the moms have all the fun? Have a co-ed baby shower, letting dad and his guy pals attend should they want to. While they may tire at all of the mommy chatter, they can still entertain themselves in another room while still being around to enjoy some of the party celebrations.

DON’T PLAN GAMES THAT WILL OFFEND THE EASILY EMBARRASSED, as you do want people to feel comfortable at your party. There is a list of games here, but you may want to avoid ‘dirty diapers’ and ‘bobbing for nipples’ if you have any family or friends of a nervous disposition! Then again, they don’t have to play every game, so if they are embarrassed, send them to the refreshments table while you and the rest of your friends have a bit of a naughty giggle.

DON’T LET YOUR PARTY DRAG ON, as your guests will get bored if it seems to go on as long as your pregnancy. Plan enough for your guests to do, with games, food, and a time for chatting and joking, but then let it come to an end at a reasonable hour. Poor gran will be desperate to leave if you did make her play ‘dirty diapers,’ and you will be glad of the rest too after all of the fun and commotion.

What do you think? Have you ever thrown a baby shower? Do you have some ideas of your own? Please let us know, and give us all the chance to celebrate this joyous occasion with exuberant style. Thanks for reading!