Helpful Hints For Raising A Clever Toddler


Here are some helpful hints that will guide you on your way to raising a  precociously clever toddler…

Give them a creative space

We all want to build a space for our baby that’s beautifully appointed and conducive to happiness and healthy development. We paint and decorate it beautifully, fill it with the coolest furniture for kids and ensure that it’s kept clean and tidy. But as important as this is, they should also have space to create. They should be given as much of a blank canvas as possible to let their imaginations run riot. You’ll find that your toddler can get as much edification from an empty cardboard box as an expensive iPad.

Talk, talk, talk

We all know that toddlers are like sponges, absorbing and assimilating information from all around them. Therefore, to develop their linguistic skills, you’re going to need to talk up a storm.; narrate your day and make it into a conversation with them. They’ll learn words within their proper context and give themselves an opportunity to try new words out. Ask them questions and wait for them to give you a response. The more involved they feel, the more they’ll participate and learn.

I get soooo emotional, baby!

Many parents are pretty stringent when it comes to cognitive development. This is great, but it needs to be bolstered by emotional intelligence. Kids with poor emotional intelligence tend to do less well in their studies and their interpersonal relationships. You can help them with this by modelling appropriate emotional responses. This can be easier said than done, especially after a long and stressful day. Try and control your temper when they make a mess or throw a tantrum. It’s also essential to model happiness when they do something well. Well developed emotional intelligence will make them more confident and socially adept which will aid them in school life and beyond.

It’s not always rude to point

As kids we’re often taught that pointing is rude, but when raising a toddler it can actually help them with naming people, objects and places. Pointing to a car and saying the word car will make it clear to them what the fast moving shiny thing in the road is and this assurance will also help them to articulate the word when they recognize the corresponding object.

Often all it takes is patience, consistency and a whole lotta love!