How to Create that Date Night Look

So you’ve finally found  a sitter, and heading out to celebrate with your other half? It might have been ages since you went out, and you have to root through your wardrobe to find the right clothes and accessories. Not to mention getting into the routine of applying evening makeup, instead of the mommy daycare one. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to get started with planning your looks.



Less Is More When It Comes to the Dress

Once you have decided to go out, you will have to find the right dress. Remember that you don’t have to go over the top, no matter how much you have missed nights out. Opt for a simple shift dress, or the classic little black one with a clever cut and great decolletage. Use a belt and other accessories, instead of overdoing the color. Sparkles will do in moderation.

Jewelry Selection


Once you have got the dress that fits you perfectly, use it as a blank canvas. If you are visiting the theatre or going to a concert, you will need to choose sophisticated items that sparkle in the evening light. Check out this james allen review to find the right ring, necklace, and tiara to go with your evening dress and help you look your best after being stuck at home for so long.   

Yes, You Can Have That Clutch Bag Again

You might be used to the mummy bag that holds all the wet wipes and drinks you will need on a day out, but put it aside for the night. Dig out your sequin evening clutch bag and don’t forget to accessorize it. There are great purse charms you can get your hands on in designer stores and online, so why not personalize your looks with a monogram or your favorite animal?

Making a Statement with the Shoes

You should always choose your shoes based on your dress. Opt for the classic black one if you would like to look sophisticated, or opt for the fierce red and combine it with accessories of the same shade. High heels, platform shoes, and leather straps can work well with short dresses, playsuits, and frocks. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable if you are planning on hitting the dance floor.

Dramatic Eyelashes

To complete your evening look, you will have to pay attention to your makeup, too. Focus on your eyes and your lips and choose the color of your eyeshadow according to your outfit. From smoky eyes to elegant catlike looks, there are several eye makeup styles to choose from, depending on your destination for the night. Consider getting semi-permanent lashes for a more dramatic look and better contour for your eyes.

Getting back to having regular date nights can be challenging. Get used to the idea of feeling feminine and beautiful again, and make the most out of your makeup, accessories, and natural features. Use your handbag and your shoes to make a statement, and be more daring than usual to impress your other half.