Look Good In Flirty Florals This Summer

There's rarely a time when floral patterns are completely out of fashion. What sort of patterns and colors are in can change a lot though. From huge floral prints to tiny patterns and from pastels to big and bold shades, there are so many ways to do florals. Floral prints have made another appearance for this year's spring and summer. Some of them are bright and retro, while others feature pastel colors, but they tend to be big. It's not too late to start wearing some florals this summer and become your best summer flower self. Here are some ideas for styling floral patterns.


Go for Some Bright Colors

Bright colors are a great choice if you want to get floral this year. There were lots of big and bright colors in retro floral patterns on the runways for spring and summer 2018. Of course, you might not want to look like you're going down a catwalk, but you can still take inspiration from the big fashion houses. If you're thinking of colorful florals, consider choosing either bright flowers or a bright background. Having both can be a bit too much for some if you want to avoid looking too neon.

Choose Big Florals Over Ditsy Patterns

The florals this year are definitely on the larger side. While cute, ditsy patterns have their place, sometimes you want to go big and bold. There are lots of ways you can explore large floral patterns. Make a splash in a shirt with bold, printed roses, or try the embroidered gray dress from www.fillyflair.com. You could have an all-over print on a shirt, dress or skirt, or a more localized pattern in one place. Try matching up your floral patterns with plain items to let the florals stand out, instead of clashing with other patterns.


Try Florals on Everything

There's no limit to how you can wear florals. If you're partial to a summer dress, pair it with some sandals for an easy outfit. Floral shirts are a great option too, whether you're bold enough to pair them with matching pants or shorts, or you want to contrast with a solid color. A floral shirt or blouse is a great way to soften up a pair of jeans and can look great with a high-waisted pair. A floral jumpsuit is a great idea too, for a perfect summer look, or maybe a pair of floaty culottes.

Find Some Stylish Accessories

If you're wearing florals, you might not want to go all out with floral accessories either. However, you could add some cute floral details with a pair of earrings or a subtle necklace. It doesn't necessarily have to be something that features a flower. It could evoke thoughts of flowers with its shape. Otherwise, you might want to pair florals with accessories in solids. For example, a neutral leather belt will go well with your pastel florals.

Make florals look better than ever this summer. They're great to wear the rest of the year too.