Planning Your Budget For Summer Now

January is nearly over, and you can finally kiss goodbye to what is usually a dire month! It’s a good time to get ready for the year ahead and to start making plans that you can look forward to.

Like Christmas, the summer holidays can be another time of year when you struggle financially, with an expectation to fit a lot in and make the most of the summer. Planning your budget for the summer holidays now can help make sure you do the things you want without having to stress about your finances. Take a look at these tops tips for planning your summer budget.


Make a wish list of what you’d like to do

Making plans for the summer is a great way to give you something to look forward to when the skies are still dark and the temperatures are cold. What type of things would you like to do over the summer? Go on holidays? Book summer swim lessons for kids? What about doing some sightseeing around the UK? Whatever you’d like to do, write a wish list that you can use to work out what’s possible and what’s not, and give you something to aim for.

Set yourself a savings target

After working out what you want to do, you can set a savings target between now and the summer to help you achieve it. Set a goal that’s realistic and easy to manage over the coming months. With a goal in mind, you’ll find it easier to budget. Start looking at cutting down on unnecessary spending and reducing outgoings like your food spend to help you make the savings that you need.

Look out for money-saving deals

With time on your side, you’re in a good position to keep an eye out for bargains. From money off tourist attractions and theme parks to cinema and restaurant vouchers, it’s worth looking at deals now that you can benefit from later.

You could also look at ways of saving money on your summer holiday to help you keep your costs down. From staying in Airbnbs to booking your flights early, there are a lot of money-saving tips to take advantage of that can help you holiday on a budget.

Boost your income

If you foresee things being tight over the coming months, why not take a look at some additional ways you can make money? There are some clever methods of earning more money from home, including using cashback websites or even starting a blog. Making some extra cash here and there can help you build up a nice little fund ready for your summer of fun.

Planning your summer now will give you plenty of amazing things to look forward to. If one of your goals for 2019 is to spend more time with your family, then an action-packed summer is one way to do that. Start planning your summer budget now and look forward to your family’s summer of fun.