Removing The “Work” In “Workout” – Getting Your Kids To Exercise


While there are so many of us moms out there trying to lose weight, or have some sort of exercise routines, we can forget about making sure our kids are getting an adequate amount of exercise in their lives. While we are, no doubt, concerned if they gain weight, or they’re not eating the right diet, an exercise routine is a perfect solution to ensure that, not only do they maintain a healthy weight, but their fitness stays at a good level, and can help them throughout their life. But it's not so easy to get your children to exercise. So, what methods can you implement?

Getting Them Outside

Even being outside has benefits on the human body, such as the increased amount of oxygen, and being out in the sunlight means they are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D. But if you are trying to get them outside more often, but they aren't willing to go for a long walk or anything more rigorous, getting them a bike or a scooter is a worthy alternative. Electric scooters are far safer now than they used to be, and there are numerous suppliers like Razor that cater for young children, but, if you are unsure about scooters, you can look at the Razor electric scooters review pages online and decide for yourself. Of course, other alternatives, like skateboards or rollerblades are just as effective. If you are getting them out the doors, this is half the battle won.

The Importance Of Play

While you may have the idea of a perfect exercise routine, involving a 5-mile run, followed by a few push-ups, sit-ups, and so forth, we involved as human beings without any sort of exercise routine. We ran away from mammals, climbed up trees, and so forth. It's important to remember this when you are trying to get some sort of exercise routine in place for your kids. Playing, such as running around, games, and so on, are just as effective as any exercise routines. You don't want to make your kids think of exercise as something bad, so instead, force them to play, and if they won't go outdoors, there are physical video games that can be played now, such as on the Wii, or even a game of Twister is a mini yoga lesson in itself!

Tricking Them Into Exercising

Without being deceitful, you can get them to exercise without thinking about it. As already mentioned, you can encourage them to play, but if you are struggling to get them to do anything, this is when you have to encourage the act of competition, either with their sibling or with you. After all, nobody wants to lose to their sibling, or even lose to their parents! This could be the way to encourage them to get outdoors. Competition is something that can push us more than anything else, and while it depends on your individual child, if you let them win at something, it will encourage them to exercise more, but will improve their outlook.

And if you can’t even get them out of their room, maybe put this on YouTube...