Seven Routines You Can't Start Too Early with Your Kids

If you are a new mom, you might be thinking about ways of raising happy and healthy kids without having to force your will on the little ones. The key to success is introducing routines and positive habits early, so it comes natural for your kids later in life. Instead of trying to fight with stubborn teenagers, you will have to establish healthy routines that will become a part of their lives. Below you will find a few things you can introduce early to your kids, so they naturally adapt a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Personal Hygiene

As soon as your child is old enough to do some of the washing and brush their teeth, you need to make this a daily routine. As an adult, it is your responsibility to show them the way and lead by example. Whether you would like to start off by brushing your teeth together or simply show them and let them improve their confidence, you have to regularly check on their routine. It might be a good idea to visit a pediatric dentist who will explain your child the importance of brushing their teeth.

Exercise Outdoors


Once your baby turns into a toddler, you will have to let them explore the great outdoors. Go for walks and turn them into expeditions so your kids become interested in nature and learn how to challenge themselves. As soon as they are able to walk, you might want to visit the park regularly together, or set up a playground in the garden with slides, climbing frames, and swings. They will love their little space and get enough exercise to sleep better at night, too.

Set Bedtime

It is crucial that you introduce a healthy sleeping pattern so you can get on with your life at night and create rules without your child noticing  it. This might be a good time to introduce reading the numbers and the clock to your child, so they can tell exactly when their bedtime is coming up. Creating a bedtime routine can also be a good way of connecting with your young child. Read to them, allow them to check out the picture books, work on a floor puzzle together before you leave them in their room.

Limiting Screen Time

No matter how hard you try, later in life your child will get used to technology around. However, if you limit their screen time, you can make them see more of the world and let them notice beauty around them, there are different ways you can go about this. Sit down with your child and agree on which programs they would like to see on the TV and set a time when they can use the computer, phone, or tablet. This way they will find something else to do for the rest of the time.


Not many kids read today, and this results in reduced vocabulary, trouble with comprehension and spelling. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until they go to school to introduce them to letters and numbers. There are plenty of educational programs and video games that will help them learn reading and writing and the good news is that they will not even notice that they are working hard. They will be motivated to try their new skills. Share your eBook account with them and let them explore the world of books. Alternatively, you can visit your local library together every weekend.

Quiet Time

You can prevent loads of issues later in life if you can teach your child how to keep themselves busy and entertained. Whether you give them a jigsaw or building blocks, create challenges, they will get used to creating their own games, even when their friends and siblings are not around. Your life will be much easier, too, as your child will appreciate quiet time and let you get on with housework.

Creative Time


It is also your responsibility as a parent to develop your child’s creativity. There are hundreds of ideas available on the internet to create great crafts, independent of your child’s age. From creating hand print gifts to drawing and stamping, you can find easy to complete projects that will keep your little one busy for a while.  

If you would like to make sure that your child grows up to be a happy and healthy teenager and adult, you will have to introduce helpful routines early in life. They will become habits and help your child cope with life’s challenges better.