Taking Care of Your Family This Autumn


Now that summer is drawing to a close, and the kids are going back to school, it’s time to think about getting ready for Autumn.

Soon the leaves will begin to fall and there’ll be a certain anticipation in the air as we approach Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas!  Whilst the days are going to start getting colder and the nights will soon start to draw in there are many wonderful things about being in the UK at this time of year, particularly when you have a family…

Autumn, as a season is all about getting cosy, whether that’s lighting your log burner for the first time and snuggling up with a good film, or perhaps enjoying your first bowl of warming soup, it’s a great time of year - yet, it’s also a time of year we must start taking care of things.

For instance, the next few weeks provide a much better time to put those jigsaw reviews to use and finish off any summer DIY projects… as, anything to do with DIY tends to be much more pleasant whilst the weather is still a comfortable temperature, and the night’s are still light.

In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few aspects you’ll want to take care of this autumn:


Now that the summer party season is drawing to a close, this is the time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead… for instance, you might want to consider cutting the lawn one last time with some added fertiliser and grass seeds to replenish the lawn that has provided for you and your family throughout summer.


In summer, we end up putting all manner of things in our garden shed from surfboards to paddling pools, but when it comes to the winter you’ll want easy access to essentials such as window scrapers and grit for the driveway.


There are many ways you can prepare for the colder nights, but one of the most effective is to resolve any draughts in terms of insulation, as the more insulated your home is the more it will retain the heat, meaning not only will it be cosier but it will be cheaper too.  

It’s good to buy what you need now, as often you can find cheap deals prior to winter on items such as electric blankets, hot water bottles, or snug sleepsuits.  Also, if your boiler needs work done on it, then now would be a much better time than leaving it until the busiest time of the year for plumbers… when the cold weather first strikes.


It might seem far away, but we’re only actually few months away from Christmas, and as many people like to spend in the pre-Christmas Black Friday sales, it gives you an even sooner deadline to stock up on gifts.

If you are financially responsible for your family, then Christmas can be quite an uphill struggle for many parents - as unfortunately, it can be a very expensive time due to the insatiable requests for cool toys, festive food, alcohol and even the cost of travel if you have family scattered all over the country.