The Screen That Lets You Check Everything Is Okay

The idea that a screen could be benevolent is new to popular media. We’ve all stumbled across movies, imagery, and books that have used the typical “I see you” plotline. As a result, it’s fair to say that for a lot of people, the screen appears as a Big Brother-like threat that hovers over our fragile lives. However, the idea that someone watching through the screen doesn’t have to be synonymous with maleficent intentions.

On the contrary, screens can play a protective role in your lifestyle. They can keep you and your family safe, as long as you know how to make the most of their functions. If you want to get rid of the menacing and omniscient screen to embrace the potential of an all-knowing and kind ally, here are some of the best uses you can find for screens in your household.


For new parents, everything begins with your baby

If you’re expecting your first baby, you probably have a long list of gear and equipment to purchase. Do make sure to add a baby monitor with a display feature on the list. Indeed, display features can be helpful to check on your baby, especially when you are surrounded by noises. If you’re trying to listen to music in another room or engaged in a conversation, it can be tricky to hear the cues and know when your child is awake. You could, of course, check in the nursery room regularly, but you risk waking them up. Instead, a video feed can let you keep an eye on your baby without disturbing their sleep.

Then you question your home safety

New parents often develop a sense of hyper-awareness about the potential dangers inside and outside the home. In the process of babyproofing your home – a.k.a. covering sharp corners and sockets, adding barriers in front of the staircase, and locking chemical products away – you should also give special attention to your security system. Ultimately, you want your home to be safe from intrusions, and this is something you can achieve with solutions such as Advanced Protection Services which can add CCTV and detection services to your residence. You can even receive the real-time CCTV feed on your smartphone when you’re away.

Finally, you control the screen too

Last, but not least, children nowadays are faced with screen technology from a young age. There are plenty of children-friendly games that are downloadable in your tablet – they provide an excellent travel activity for a long commute! You can also use apps such as the DisneyLife which lets your kids watch their favorite movies online. With the abundance of services dedicated to young and older children, it can be difficult to keep them off the tablet. Even if you control their playing time, you can worry about their safety online. Thankfully, most tablets such as the iPad offer a level of in-built parental controls that allows you to check that everything coming on the screen is child-friendly. A good tip for the future, though: If you want to use parental controls with young teens, make sure to change your passwords regularly as they’re tech-savvy!


Your screen lets you access a new dimension of your household safety. From checking on your baby to keeping harmful online content at bay, you can make friend with the screen again and let it protect your family day after day.