The Small Efforts That Make Beauty Come Together


While there are many, many natural beauties in the world, (you are likely one of them!) beauty is best expressed when it’s treated well and curated, respectfully and modestly. To enhance your beauty and to feel confident in yourself should be the baseline of your beauty efforts because building from a solid foundation should always be one of the best methods of looking your best.

The small efforts that make beauty come together can help you with this. When you feel healthy, radiant and blossoming from the root of your appearance, any tips you implement are only going to enhance, rather than define, your beauty and how comfortable you feel within.

Thankfully, following this guide can help with that:

Physical Fitness

When you’re in shape, you feel on top of the world. This expresses itself in how you respond to people, how much confidence and ‘sass’ you have in your daily life (all with a comfortable and humorous foundation,’ as well as how much energy you have during the day. Physical fitness helps your skin glow, helps your hair shine, allows you to smile genuinely. Of course, it also helps trim your figure into one you may dream of, depending on your personal goals. Physical fitness helps you grow as a person, and feel more confident trying new things.

All of these benefits are absolutely vital if you hope to make the most of your beauty potential. Socrates, the famous Greek philosopher explored by Plato, once stated “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” To retool this quote for our purposes, we might say ‘“No person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of self-confidence and freedom to express themselves. It is a shame for anyone to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which they are able to radiant with the right decisions and self-love.’ Physical fitness is one of the first and foundational steps on that journey. Who knows, you may even have plenty of fun getting in shape.

Homeopathic Products

When trying to find your best beauty style or expression from month to month, you will often come to rely on select beauty products that mean the most to you, and that work well with your given skin type or personal sense of beauty. However, no matter what products you come to rely on, it might be that implementing some foundational healthy and homeopathic products could help you take your beauty to the next level. Instead of using items thick with chemical agents and artificial fragrance, you may choose to use aloe vera to treat stretch marks, or perhaps learn more about witch hazel benefits for hair and skin combined. Using products such as these allow for an alternate, restorative and always interesting blend to bring into your beauty routine, and can potentially help you heal the long-term use of makeups and hair products that we all like to experiment with.

For example, if you dye your hair frequently, it could be that a solution like this could help you prevent damaging your hair in any difficult circumstance, in the long run making your beauty schedule safer. However, this should always be reigned in by:

Respect & Temperance

With all the positive talk about self-expression and love, it can be hard to mention respect and temperance in the next point. But what do these two descriptors mean? Well, having temperance in your beauty schedule allows you to have the decisions you do make really matter. Respect and temperance can help you in the long term to no uncertain degree.

To begin with, it might be that you respect yourself enough to accept your beauty for what you are. If you do not feel a natural beauty (hint, you likely are,) then the makeup regimen you apply will often be to color in your faults, rather than enhance what is already there. This is where temperance comes in. No-makeup days, as well as makeup days, can make you feel radiant with the makeup, and comfortable and natural without it. Beauty is a wonderful hobby to have and is a true passion for some people. Still, if you’re unable to feel comfortable in your own skin, and perhaps never leaving the home without it, you will always feel constrained by this effort.

Respect and temperance go a long way with the other points on this list. With all of them combined, you will have the healthiest approach to yourself, your beauty regimen, and of course your self-expression. The sky is the limit!