Things Every Super Happy Family Have In Common

Having a happy family is something that people tend to think should come naturally, only to end up disappointed when they have a family of their own and they realize it’s a lot harder than they thought it would be.

It’s true that you won’t always be a ‘naturally’ happy family. Becoming a happy family can take a lot of work and effort, but you can get there if you're determined and consistent.

In this post we’re going to talk about things that super happy families have in common. Take a look and you might find your own family is happier in no time:


They Have a Mission Statement

A family mission statement, or even a motto, can help you to feel closer and make you happier. Think about it: what does it mean to be a part of your family? Discuss this with your kids and come up with something together. You could come up with a statement based around support and encouragement, or even honesty.

They Have Regular Family Meetings

Regular family meetings are great for families, especially those who have lots of their own stuff going on. In these meetings you can discuss everything, from the family finances to home maintenance. You can talk about water heater repair, what you’re going to to when you all have some free time at the weekend, and any issues that have made themselves known in the household. Having one of these a week, or even bi-weekly can be a great way to stay close and feel happier.

They Share Their Family History

Sharing your family history can help to make kids feel a part of something bigger. Studies have even shown that kids who are told about their history are happier than those in the dark about it!

They Have At Least One Meal Together Per Day

The happiest families have one meal together every day. It doesn’t have to be dinner, despite what you may have read on other sites. It can be breakfast, or even supper. All you have to do is be as consistent with it as you can. This is time you can use to really focus on one another and catch up. There are too many benefits to ignore, especially for your kids. Studies have shown that kids brought up in an environment like this do better at school and avoid doing things like smoking.

They Set Time Aside For Quality Time

Setting time aside for quality time is also a must - this doesn’t include passive activity like watching TV, though. Try to go for walks and do things together that will help you to create memories!

They Communicate Well

Being passive aggressive doesn’t help anybody, and if you do this you’re teaching it to your kids. Communicating well and being able to have discussions rather than arguing and pointing blame will go a long way, both now and in the future. It’s never too late to make a change!

Do you have anything in common with the most happy families?