What Body Confidence Could Mean For You


Body confidence is something that has become at the forefront of the cultural conversation. We like to stop people from shaming us if we do not fit the usual standard, and we celebrate models with diversity, such as those featuring stretch marks or other ‘unattractive’ features. This is important to think about because the definition of body confidence can change from person to person.

For example, what is the value of body confidence? We’d say that ideally, it should help you feel comfortable about things you cannot change, not act as a method of accepting living in an unhealthy manner. For example, as harsh and unforgiving as it sounds, someone who is morbidly obese espousing body confidence values is easy to see through. This never, never, never warrants shaming or treating them any differently, but sometimes body confidence must walk a tightrope between ideal health, ideal aesthetics, and the absolute necessary need for acceptance.

The best way to conceptualize what body confidence could mean for you is to think about your personal situation. Consider the following thought experiments. Maybe you could apply them to your personal perception and become more relaxed and proud of yourself as a result:

Body Confidence Is Reaching Goals

Body confidence absolutely means reaching your fitness goals, or simply taking more time to live a little more healthily. However, it’s not only that. It might mean having the confidence to wear a tank top or a dress, or wearing the complete opposite. There is no hard and fast rule for fashion, but sometimes wearing what you truly want can be a little worrying. Not everyone has the confidence to wear plenty of jewelry for example, but they might want to. Whatever your body confidence goal is, you can be sure to achieve it if you become unashamed. But how?

Body Confidence Is Being Unashamed

It might be that body confidence is being unashamed about what you actually look like. Some people have burn marks or birthmarks, some people have plenty of intense freckles, some people have acne scars. Some people are slightly overweight or dislike the shape of their nose. Some people wish they had breast surgery. To be confident about yourself and unashamed is either to accept yourself totally or accept your willingness to make a change totally. For example, if you dislike the shape of your nose, either accepting that’s who you are as a unique beauty or having it slightly changed are both valid efforts. It just depends on what your most authentic and genuine desire is and going for that. It’s how people find the bravery to switch genders later in life. It’s how people finally accept the injury that left them disfigured. To become much happier with who you are, making this effort can be a very excellent thing to care of, and can make you a happier person in the long term.

Remember that mostly, body confidence is accepting beauty in all forms. There is no standard size and shape that we must all fit. All of it is appropriate if we keep a little wisdom and make the right decisions. With this simple inspirational guide, you will likely find yourself gaining more body confidence, and that is always a positive thing. Good luck!