Why Your Wardrobe Is The Best Post-Pregnancy Weight Control You Could Imagine

Our bodies change after giving birth. That's a fact. If you thought you would spring back to your pre-pregnancy size, you’ve been kidding yourself. Blame all those celebs who reveal the result without showing the hard work. Either way, slipping back into your old clothes is rarely as easy as you assume.

Sadly, once your dreams of easy weight loss are shattered, you face the reality of having to work out. If you don’t act, you’ll have more weight to contend with. Hence why you should consider fast-fire exercises to tone your tummy while baby’s asleep. You might even want to leave your bundle of joy with hubby while you embark on non-surgical toning methods like Vanquish fat removal. You can turn to companies like Cosmetic Laser Dermatology for more information if that interests you. Either way, you should do what you can, as soon as you can. Otherwise, you’ll fast pass your healthy weight.

But, what happens if exhaustion wins the battle and you can’t motivate yourself? Right now, your body is healing, and you aren’t getting enough sleep. This reluctance should come as no surprise. Sadly, it is a problem you need to address. And, you can do that by dangling a carrot. Motivation is always a fantastic tool. And, what better push to lose your baby weight than your pre-pregnancy wardrobe? If you aren’t convinced, consider these reasons old clothes are the best carrot you could use.

Old clothes are a continual reminder

There’s no getting away from your wardrobe. And, that’s fantastic when it comes to keeping weight loss in mind. You won’t be able to ‘forget about’ your exercise with your motivation staring you in the face. By hanging a few pieces in view, you can remind yourself of the weight you were before, and thus the work you still need to put in.


Old clothes help you stick to an attainable goal

Attainable goals are also crucial when it comes to getting fit. If you set your sights on a target weight too far out of reach, it’s easy to lose focus and admit defeat before you start. But, even at your post-pregnancy size, there’s a chance old sizes aren’t far away. As such, working towards fitting into an old favourite outfit should be well within reach. In fact, a few weeks of regular exercise should be all there is to it. It’s hard to lose faith when working on such short time frames!

Old clothes can save you money

Usually, we have to buy new clothes when our weight changes. How else can we hope to fit into anything? The trouble is, with a new baby on board, spending money is the last thing you want to do. As such, the last benefit of turning to your old wardrobe is financial. If you can fit into those old clothes, you can save untold amounts of money. It’s hard to imagine a better motivation than that.