Setting Up Your Keto Macro Goals in MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an AWESOME tool for tracking food intake, exercise and weight progress. The free version has a ton of options and I haven't found the need (yet) to upgrade to the premium plan. I started off my setting up my macro goals to mirror my Keto Diet requirements so that I know when I've eaten enough! I decided to start using MyFitnessPal after a fellow Keto Mom on Instagram recommended it to me! We also follow each other on MyFitnessPal and will hopefully be able to help each other stay on track (feel free to add me as a friend on MyFitnessPal :! Here's how to set up your 70% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carb Macro goals in MyFitnessPal:

STEP 1: Click MORE in bottom right corner

STEP 2: Select GOALS


STEP 3: Under the Nutrition Goals section, click CALORIE, CARBS, PROTEIN & FAT GOALS

STEP 4: Click on CARBS

STEP 5: Adjust the % to match your Keto daily intake goal! I did 70% Fat, 25% Protein and 5% Carb! Press the check mark on the top right corner once you've adjusted the numbers!