The Beginning of My Keto Journey

This past weekend while at my mom's house, I decided to jump on the scale and see how my post pregnancy weight loss has progressed. I was mortified by the number. Not because of the actual number, per se, but rather by how much I had allowed myself to neglect my body. Weight is just a number, but I have been feeling slugish, have woken up with headaches more often than not and am overall just not happy with what I see in the mirror. Instead of a pity party, I decided to do something about it. After a lot of research, I chose the Keto Diet for a few reasons: 

1. Quick Results: I LOVE food, and so any change that requires me to limit the food that I love needs to show me results quickly so that I stick with it. People have reported seeing results from a Keto diet after only a few weeks!

2. Ease of Implementation: A Keto Diet is rather easy to adapt and it's easy to modify everyday recipes to a Keto lifestyle which means that I don't have to force my dietary restrictions onto my husband. We can still have burgers for dinner - I'll just have a lettuce bun. We can eat pizza - I'll just make the crust out of cauliflower etc. 

3. Health Benefits: I could write a novel on the benefits of a Keto Diet (but I'll save that for a separate blog post) but here's a quick summary: Keto Diets were first found to have benefits for children with epilepsy, and have subsequently proven to reduce blood sugar levels and inflammation, while improving cognitive function. It is currently being researched (and with promising initial results) for the treatment of: Autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Depression and Migraines. ** It's important to note that following a healthy Keto Diet is what is being used in these studies. 70% Fat intake is crucial - however where that fat comes from is just as important. Eating a pound of butter everyday will not have the same longterm health benefits as eating Avocado and Nuts as a source of fat (I'll elaborate on all this as well as I go through my journey).

I started off by weighing myself and taking measurements to track my progress! I'll be posting updates EVERY WEEK! Stay tuned and thanks for following along. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments below or privately via my Contact Page :)