DIY Baby Abstract Art!

We had a blast last week making Zane's first piece of artwork with his bestie, Josh! It can be done with babies at any age (you might need to help the younger ones a bit), it's inexpensive and it's not something you'll eventually hide in a drawer!

What you'll need (we bought it all at the dollar store)

  • Garbage bags
  • Saran wrap or plastic wrap
  • Painting Canvas (any size)
  • Acrylic paints

Step 1: Start by protecting your floors with the garbage bags! If you have a mobile little one, you may even want to tape the edges to your floor so that they can't move it around. 

Step 2: Randomly put your acrylic paint on your canvas. You can put it in any design and can put as much or as little as you want (the more you put, the less white you'll have showing through when the project is over!). You can also first mix the acrylic paint with water to give it a more blended look afterwards - but it may be a bit messier!


Step 3: Cover your entire canvas with your plastic wrap! Make sure to have every edge covered in every direction so no paint can escape!


Step 4: Put the cavas down and let your little one have fun! There's no wrong way to do this, and with the plastic covering, there will also be no mess!


Step 5: Once your little one is done having fun, remove the plastic wrap and let your canvas dry! What you're left with is an abstract piece of art that you can hang anywhere in your home! Don't forget to sign and date the side so that you'll be able to remember how old they were when they made it :).


I love this as a gift idea for the holidays! It's personalized, one of a kind and super special. Let me know if any of you try it!