Collagen Peptides - What's the Deal?

If you've been on social media following any of the health nuts - I'm sure you've seen at some point or another talk about collagen peptide supplements. The supplements are supposed to help you feel and look your best by benefiting your hair, skin, nails, joints and bones. It's as simple and adding a bit of the supplement to a beverage of your choice (it is totally flavourless), such as tea, smoothies or even a glass of water, and sticking with it for a few months!


Some of you may be wondering - what is collagen and why do I want it... or want more of it? Collagen is a protein that is found in EVERYONE's body and is associated with younger and healthier looking skin. It is part of hair, skin, nails, gut and connective tissue. Collagen helps maintain your skin's elasticity - thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines and it also contributes to firmer skin and has even been shown to help with skin tone. It can help your joints, skin tissues and digestive health as well. So now that you understand WHY there's such a big hype around collagen, you now understand why people are bending over backwards to get there hands on collagen peptide supplements.

I went to the king of the industry: Vital Proteins - Collagen-Based Nutirition, and tried their unflavored Collagen Peptides. I was sent the 1.25 lb jar and a box of individual portion packets (amazing to bring to work or when you're on the go!). I've been using them for a week already and can't wait to see my results next month! Like any supplement, the results won't be immediate (so don't expect them to be) but will take a bit of time and sticking with it is key! Just as you can't eat one bowl of spinach and fix an iron deficiency, you're not going to take collagen peptides and look 25 years younger immediately. You need to keep using it! I'll update this post in a few months with my results! Click here to visit Vital Proteins and check out their entire collection.

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