Road Trip Must Haves (and it's not the items you think...)

Going on a road trip alone with a 6 month old is basically suicide. There is nothing good that can come of it... yet here I am planning my second road trip with Zane. My first road trip to Toronto (which should have taken me about 5 hours and ended up taking closer to 7) involved 2 explosive car seat poops (one of which resulted in a bath for Zane in a bathroom sink at a gas station), projectile vomit all over my new car, and lots and lots of tears (from me not him). 

Why am I making this road trip to Toronto again you may ask? I have no idea... I guess I forgot how horrible the first time was and I want to try it again. Thankfully, my best friend will be waiting with some wine at the other end! 

All that to say, I have narrowed down my MUST HAVE items for a road trip with a new born or baby (and no it does not include diapers and bottles... those are the least of your worries): 

1 - Kleenex: Like I said above, NOTHING good comes of a solo road trip and you will end up ugly crying at some point... so Kleenex will come in handy (it's much more efficient than your sleeve which will probably have baby poop on it at some point).

2 - A change of clothes in the front seat: Obviously you'll have your suit case in the trunk, but in the event... or rather WHEN, your little one decides to have an explosive poop and kick and squirm so that it really gets into every groove of the car seat, you'll quickly pick him up and then have poop all over you. You'll need a change of clothes that are easy to get to so you don't get poop on your suitcase (yes this is a thing...and yes you need to throw out the suitcase after).

3 - More Kleenex: When you realize the poop smell won't come out of the car seat and you still have another 4 hours to drive, you'll cry more. 

4 - A great play list: You'll need something upbeat - like Zumba music to give you the energy to continue on. At some point you'll debate turning around and going home or just pulling over not the side of the road and giving up... that's when you need to start blasting the Rocky soundtrack!


5 - A good sense of humour: No matter how prepared you are, your little one will throw you a curve ball because they're sneaky like that. You can try covering your car seats with garbage bags to shield them from the throw up - your little one will find a way to pee on the car floor mat. You can try to bring 10 changes of clothes for them... they'll manage to get poop on them all. You can even try to plan your drive around their nap time - it'll be the one day they decide they hate sleeping. You need to laugh it off and take notes so that the next time you have the crazy idea of driving 5 hours with a baby, you remember why NOT to do it! 

*** In the event that your trip goes worse than mine did, I recommend bringing enough clothes to last a few months because you may decide to not make the trip back at all. Hopefully whoever you're visiting doesn't mind 2 new permanent house guests (hint hint to my bestie... we'll be staying a while).

Wish me luck!