The Only Stroller Travel System You Need!


What if I told you that there was a stroller travel system that had kids and adults alike in mind in its design? I know! I couldn’t believe it either. Until I got my hands on the Tango™ Travel System by Baby Trend. This travel system has so many amazing features and checks off every box when it comes to practicality, design, ease of use and, best of all, price. I’m going to walk you through a few of my favorite features that make it stand out among its competition!


For starters, it’s a travel system so it comes with a stroller and an Ally™ Infant Car Seat and Base, which for the price, you can’t beat. These 2 items together mean that you’re equipped from the second your baby is born to travel (even if it’s only to the grocery store) and the stroller will grow with your child until they’re 50lbs! The Ally™ Infant Car Seat Base is equipped with a LATCH system, making it an absolute breeze to install and to remove. It has incredible safety features, such as EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior side impact head protection and a 5-point safety harness (that can easily be adjusted and released). With mamas in mind, it has a one-hand easy-access seat release, an adjustable canopy and a height adjustable base so that it easily accommodates any car.


Now let’s get to the stroller! It has an amazing one-hand fold making it perfect for multitasking parents! I don’t remember the last time I had 2 hands free to close a stroller! With the pull of a strap, it easily snaps closed. It’s lightweight, has a super smooth ride and has an amazing over-sized canopy with UPF 50+ making it the ultimate travel companion for zoo visits, park days and beach trips!


Tango™ Travel System by Baby Trend has a fully reclinable seat, so no more missed naps and it comes with a durable and practical snack tray with a cup holder for your mini! Don’t worry, they didn’t forget us parents! It also comes with a cell phone holder and 2 large cup holders so you can bring your coffee or water wherever you go. The large storage basket can be accessed from the front and rear of the stroller making it the perfect shopping companion because there’s room to store all your purchases.

Of all the strollers I’ve had the opportunity to try out, this one is in a league of it’s own. The price, quality and intuitive design and accessories make it a must for all new and seasoned parents alike!

Click here to head to the Baby Trend site to read more about this amazing travel system!


Speech Therapy at Home With Speech Blubs



I love discovering new ways to help other parents and kids so I jumped at the chance to try Speech Blubs, the app that has helped more than 500k kids with speech delay, autism and apraxia. Their success comes from using real kids in the app! According to Speech Blubs “children learn best when they get to imitate their peers instead of adults. With this in mind we designed our app to be the next best thing to real-life interaction. We utilize the method of video-modelling, informed and aided by the solid science of mirror neurons”.

The app is quite extraordinary. When you sign up, you answer a few questions about your child’s behaviour and issues that they may or may not have. You then choose what their interests are and themes are automatically generated. There is something for every child’s interest: there’s everything from animal names and noises to insects to the sounds that firetrucks and police engines make.


The app then has videos of real children sounding out the sounds and pronouncing the words. The app asks you to repeat what the children are saying and by way of imitation, your children are motivated to mimic what they see in the app! Speech Blubs even takes it a step farther and includes role-play by using the front camera of your device and turning your little ones into the animals, for example, that they’re imitating! It makes the app fun, educational and extremely valuable.


To add more motivation for kids (besides the role-playing that my son LOVED) is stickers! At the end of every activity, they get a sticker that they can collect in a sticker book! They’ll feel accomplished and motivated to collect them all.



They offer a free 7 day trial, so don’t wait and sign up now! Get your child started on the path to speaking. And if you’re a Speech Language Therapist, they offer you the app for free to use with your patients! So don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

Indoor Fun That Will Keep Your Toddler Busy

Time and time again I get asked the question: How do I keep my toddler busy?

With a 2.5 year old and a new born at home, I’m always looking for ways to keep my toddler busy that don’t involve an iPad or the TV! With the summer months here, we’ve been enjoying as much time as possible outside, but toddlers are like energizer bunnies… despite trying to tire them out, they just keep going and going and going! I recently received 2 toys from Jouet K.I.D. Toy that kept my son busy, entertained and out of mischief, so I just had to share them with you!

The first is the Pop-up Fun Playset with 30 Balls by LUDI. There are a few reasons I LOVE this toy!

  1. It folds up into this flat and easily tucked away storage bag. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a home that looks like it’s been taken over by a daycare.

  2. It’s easily assembled! You undo 2 pieces of velcro and the tunnels and ball pit instantly expand! That means your excited toddler won’t have to wait too long to start playing with their new fave toy!


3. The bright colours are so fun and exciting for them! My son couldn’t wait to jump in, start crawling around and throwing the balls! It’s a toy that he can enjoy alone or even with his friends when we have them over!

4. I love that it can be brought indoors or outdoors! The ball pit and cube come with included anchors so you can secure them to the ground outside! That means when the weather is beautiful, you can take advantage by using it outside!

Click here to learn more!


Anything that makes my son smile as much as this is a winner in my book! His face lights up every time we take it out! The Pop-up Fun Playset with 30 Balls by LUDI will definitely be one of our go-to birthday presents for Zane’s friends!

Next up is a Vehicle Puzzle Set! This darling set of puzzles is by a company called Scratch. They have the CUTEST puzzles, blocks and toys for kids. Click here to see them all! This puzzle set comes in the most gorgeous box (making it a perfect gift) and has 5 different puzzles, with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 puzzle pieces! The back of the puzzle is colour coded so it’s easy to find the pieces that go together, and because there are different levels of difficulty, no matter what level of learning your toddler is at, they will find one puzzle that they can do themselves! The puzzle pieces are big and easy for them to hold, the colours are vibrant and the shapes are ones that your kids will be able to easy identify! Your toddler will have a blast putting together a boat, dump truck and hot air balloon and because the puzzle is so thick and well made, they’ll be able to enjoy it over and over again! Click here to learn more.


B. Toys - The Perfect Educational Toys That Give Back


If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that B. Toys is a fave in our home. Their toys make Zane smile from ear to ear, their packaging protects our planet and can often be reused and recycled, their inks are are soy-based and their varnishes water-based. They also donate a portion of sales to Free The Children.

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to donate some B. Toys to a local charity here in Montreal that also helps kids: Chai Lifeline Canada. The items we chose to donate, with the help of B. Toys, were carefully picked out and are perfect for all ages… so if you still have some holiday shopping or just want to treat your kids to a fun surprise, make sure that one of these are on your list!

Jungle Jam Toy Drum Set (Includes 9 Differnt Percussion Instruments)

Perfect for the future little musician, this 9 piece jungle theme musical set will have them dancing the day away! Theres a drum, tambourine, snake drumsticks, whistle, hand drum, water whistle and 2 maracas. The drum can also be used to store all the pieces when they aren’t being used so no clutter! It’s a win-win! Click here to visit Amazon to check it out!

Meowsic Keyboard

Educational and interactive - this Cat Piano and Toy Microphone will keep your toddler smiling and dancing. This toy piano lets you choose between meows, bells, organ and banjo with 27 songs to sing along to, or they can create their own! It’s lightweight so it’s great to bring along to holiday parties to keep your minis entertained! It’s perfect for ages 2+ and even has the ability to record! It helps with music, social and large motor skills. Click here to visit Target to check it out.

Bristle Block Stackadoos

The perfect building blocks for large motor skills! They’re soft to the touch and super easy to connect together! Your minis will have a blast building forts, houses and anything else can think up! They come in an awesome super practical storage jar that makes them perfect to take anywhere and keeps them off your floor! Click here to see them on Amazon.

Aniball Birdie Bounce

There will never be a dull moment with this soft bouncy ball filled with wacky sounds! It makes up to 3 different noises and helps with hand-eye coordination! It’s perfect for ages 10 months+. A bouncy ball bursting with squeaking wacky sounds. Click here to visit Amazon to check it out!

Light Me To The Moon Projector Flashlight

This toy is sure you make you the fave aunt, cousin, best friend or parent if you come home with this. It lets your minis play among the stars with an insanely cool show in outer space! You can turn a reel to see visitors from other planets and all the planets in the solar system. It’s a flashlight that’s easy to use, small enough to bring anywhere but large enough to really see the show! Click here to visit Amazon and check it out!

B. Toys will be gifts that NEVER dissapoint. Looking for something that’s not on this list? Check out my past blog posts with other B. Toys that we’ve fallen in love with!!

Gifts that Give Back All Year Round

Zany Zoo

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

Gifts That Give Back All Year Round

With the holidays around the corner, I think it’s more important than ever to try to give back this holiday season and it can start with what’s on your shopping list! This year I’m making an effort to be very selective with the companies that I choose to buy gifts from and My B Toys is one that made the cut. For starters, they care about our earth (which is an initiative that I haven’t seen from any other toy company). They scrutinize every piece to ensure its impact on our children’s world is as light as possible - they use recyclable materials and their boxes and packaging are designed to be reused and some can even be reversed to become gift wrap! Even the ink on their packaging is soy-based and their varnishes are water-based. They then go a step farther and give a portion of every sale to Free The Children which has built over 650 schools in communities around the world, providing education to 50,000 children every day. If you still need another reason to support them, their toys are just THE CUTEST. Below are the items that we chose for Zane and for our newest addition that’s due in April! Their toys are available at Target and Amazon.



Recommended for children 2 years +. it’s won multiple awards and is a frog inspired drum! There are beats from around the world, Ribbit-tat-tat from B toys is a frog-inspired toddler drum set and the winner of multiple awards! With its sturdy, toddler-proof construction, this frog toy drum is the perfect way to introduce music to babies and toddlers. There’s a retractable microphone where you can sing along, a voice changer and other games programmed in it! It will keep you and your mini entertained for hours :). Click here for more info!


Fire Flyer

This isn’t your ordinary fire truck! It lights up, vibrates and moves on it’s own! It has an extendable fire hose and even a ladder that goes up and down! Zane looooves trucks and cars so this was a no brainer win for us! Click here for more info!


Wonders Above

This is an acitivity that I am SO excited for. Whenever you shop for a new baby, there are always a few things you find that you can’t believe you lived without before. This is one of them! We had an activity for Zane but it was hard and often I felt he was uncomfortable on the floor when he was on it. This one is SO quilted and soft that your mini could even take a nap on it! It has 5 sensory toys hanging from the arc and it’s machine washable! Click here to learn more!


Magical Mellow-Zzzs

This is mobile any expecting mom NEEDS this season. It’s a musical mobile with a magical light show that will have your baby soothed and calm. The light show covers every hue of the rainbow with the sweetest melodies. You can take it along and hang it from a car seat, an activity mat or a crib! The bonus? It’s SAFE! This baby musical mobile toy is BPA and phthalates free. Made of a Super soft and safe fabric! packaging is recyclable and recycled, with soy-based inks. Click here to learn more!


Chewy Chews peace

This is the perfect firth teether for your little one! It has an adorable peace sign shape, is a beautiful color and will easily be held by your mini! It’s only available in stores!


Start Your Holiday Shopping With Funrise Toys!

With the holiday season just around the corner… I’ve decided to help you all out by rounding up some awesome gifts well before the madness of shopping begins so you can get a head start on your shopping!

Zane is almost 2 years old so he’s at an age where I buy him a cool and fun toy and he ends up being more interested in the box (parent reality). So I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find a toy that catches his attention and that becomes a favourite of his! I couldn’t wait to share with you Zane’s current obsessions (which I know your minis will LOVE too!). He lives, breathes, eats and would sleep (if I let him) with these toys!


HERODRIVE™ DC Super Friends Collection and TONKA Power Movers.

They are sturdy (Zane-proof) toys that light up, move and have his imagination running wild. He can pretend to be Batman as he zooms around the house with his bat mobile! It features lights, engine sounds, and music that bring the action to life! The Batmobile transforms into race mode by pushing the windshield forward to make the wings pop out. Zane can push the logo on the hood for unique Batman sounds, then push it again to send the Batman Racer racing forward with its cape flying behind!


Zane can also be the master of a construction site with his new dump truck that has lights, real engine sounds and even a realistic backup sound! The rugged Dump Truck features new Motion Drive Technology allowing for fun and intuitive play that brings the action to life!


They’re fun to play with, they were easy for him to figure out how to use and they are big enough that they don’t fit under my couch (mom win)!!!!

You can check out the whole HERODRIVE™ DC Super Friends Collection here.

And the TONKA Power Movers here.

Make sure to tag me in the pics of your minis playing with their new toys! There’s nothing better than a smiling, happy and entertained toddler.

The Only Stroller You Need To Read About!


I’ve been lucky enough to test out my share of light weight strollers, so I’d like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to choosing the best one! When I had the chance to test out another, I obviously jumped at the opportunity! With baby #2 due in April, I’m always looking to discover the best of the best baby products (plus it gave me an opportunity to play pretend-big brother with Zane and let him push around a stroller). I’ve been using the Bily Compact Easy-Fold Stroller for over 3 weeks - and there is not one thing I would change about it. My 6 fave features are below! If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear about yours! (scroll to the bottom of my post for outfit details - including my hat that you can use with a ponytail!)

  1. You can fold and unfold it with only one hand

  2. It’s SUPER compact and light weight

  3. It has a HUGE storage space under the stroller that is easy to access (not the case in most compact strollers)

  4. It fully reclines so your kids can stay awake for the fun or take a nap while you shop lol.

  5. There is a handle bar that you can clip on toys to (none of the one’s I’ve tried before have had this)

  6. The lock and unlock feature for the wheels is easy to activate

This stroller is hands down my favourite. If you’re looking for a light weight stroller that you can easily carry with one hand, bring on a plane and push around for hours without getting tired, this is the one for you! Click here to learn more or to shop!

The hat I’m wearing deserves special attention too! It’s the first hat I’ve found that you can wear with a pony tail or mom bun! It has an elastic at the top so you can keep your messy mom bun in tact and still keep your ears warm (how cool?!). It’s from My Gear Online and is so practical and cute! It’s an awesome gift for the holidays for anyone in your life with gorgeous locks.


Top Recommended Books for Toddlers - by YOU!


I put up a poll on my Instagram a few weeks ago asking you for your top recommended books for toddlers! Who better to recommend books than fellow mamas? Take advantage of free shipping all summer from and stock up on the adorable books below! Missed my poll? No problem! Add a comment below with any books that I missed so we can check them out!


Inside this adorable blue box (with a handle that your mini will love), include the 4 books:  Hop on Pop; Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!; Ten Apples Up On Top!; and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. They survived 2 weeks with my son undamaged so these books will withstand any child lol. Click here to visit Indigo to learn more.



All of your fave childhood nursery rhymes are in this adorable hard covered book including: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Humpty Dumpty; Little Miss Muffet; Rockabye Baby; Sing a Song of Sixpence; Ladybird; Pussycat, Pussycat; Jack and Jill; Baa Baa Black Sheep; Hey Diddle Diddle; Rain, Rain, Go Away; Mary Had a Little Lamb; Pat A Cake and Hickory Dickory Dock. Click here to visit Indigo to learn more!


I was curious how many other words Zane could learn before saying Mama LOL. This board book has bright and bold colours that your mini will LOVE. Click here to learn more.


Learning the alphabet is fun with these little critters and this adorably illustrated board book. Click here to learn more!


From the best selling author Sandra Boynton, this colourful and fun board book is all about.... dancing dinosaurs! What else!? Click here to learn more!


A beautiful book with a powerful message: We all have a lion and a mouse inside. Click here to learn more.


This book about self-esteem encourages children to love themselves! Such a great read and an important message to start teaching your children at any age. Click here to learn more.


This New York Times best selling series is all about what makes a Hero. Click here to learn more.


Gerald the giraffe just wants to dance! With his long legs, it's harder than you think. When he finally receives encouragement from a friend, he realizes he can do it! This book is an inspiration for kids who dream big! Click here to learn more.


This lively alphabet rhyme makes learning the alphabet fun! Click here to learn more.

Don't forget to take advantage of free shipping ALL SUMMER at!

Make a Gazillion Memories This Summer!


With BBQ season finally here, I've found the MUST have products to keep children entertained: the Gazillion Bubbles Collection! Their bubble machines and wands will keep children of all ages busy and playing outside, instead of in front of the TV. Make a Gazillion memories this summer with Gazillion Bubbles! Their top secret bubble solution makes the brightest and most colourful bubbles that are eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic and won't stain clothing or furniture!


The Gazillion Bubbles Tornado is a must have for any backyard or patio. You turn on this machine and there are literally hundreds of bubbles within seconds! It's light weight and affordable so I'm even going to bring mine to the park this summer! Be prepared to be the favourite parent in the neighbourhood with this machine!


Their bubble wands are just as fun! Zane had a blast chasing the bubbles and this is definitely something I'm going to keep in our stroller all summer. Gazillion Bubbles also has Crazy Wands (scroll down for a few pics) which are for kids a bit older than Zane but I think they would also make such awesome loot bag ideas if you're planning a birthday party this summer!

Crazy Wands - Bunny and Sticking Out Tongue.jpg
Crazy Wands - Vampire and Monster .jpg

Gazillion Bubbles products are available for purchase in Canada at Walmart & TRU Canada

Perch Hanging High Chair Review!

I got my hands on the highly raved about Perch Hanging High Chair from Guzzie and Guss and am so excited that I did. I've seen hanging high chairs EVERYWHERE and Guzzie and Guss is a brand that I've followed for a while, so the Perch chair was high up on my list of must try baby items. You can also scroll to the bottom of the post to watch a quick unboxing of the chair and my first impressions. Here's what we thought:

For starters, I LOVE that the Perch Hanging High Chair easily folds up and comes in a travel bag. It makes it super convenient to bring to restaurants, out for dinner when you're going somewhere where there are no highchairs and even when brining it to the mall and park. 

The chair is SUPER adaptable so it will fit most tables (make sure to read the instructions on proper installation to ensure that the table is sturdy enough and safe to hang it on). I tried hanging it on my mom's dining room table, a picnic bench and my kitchen counter and it was easily installed on each. I am obsessed with this chair. I love that when I'm in the kitsch now, my son can sit at the counter colouring or snacking and be part of the action and conversation. I often feel like when he's in his highchair, it's bulky and in the way.


It has a 5 point harness so it can be used on babies 4months +. I would recommend it for babies that are able to sit upright on their own. It doesn't recline so your baby definitely needs to be able to support their head. The cover comes off so easily to wash (a definite plus) and it's super padded so your baby will be comfortable and happy while in it! It comes in SO many colours too which I love. Click here to see them all. 

We also tested out the Perch Silicone Placemat which is a MUST HAVE accessory in my opinion. It's a silicone placemat that specially fitted to go under the support rails of the Perch chair so that your baby can't pick it up and throw it around, but it's also safety tested to use with the chair. You wouldn't want to use a regular placemat because then the Perch chair wouldn't be safe on your counter. The placemats are dishwasher safe, have raised edges to contain messes and easily fold up! We LOVE our Guzzie and Guss Perch Chair and recommend it to anyone looking for a portable chair or a hanging high chair that will nicely fit in with any decor :)