5 Mommy Hair Hacks That I Swear By!

There's a reason why the "mom bun" is a thing - getting ready with a newborn or toddler already means you're probably late for everything, and managing to get out the door without spit up or poop on your clothes means you're winning. There are days when I have it together and look like I did before Zane arrived - but there are others (most of the time actually) where I look like I have lost my marbles. Since having a baby, I understand now why many moms cut their hair short... who has time to manage, maintain and tame long beautiful locks? In my first 3 months of having a baby, I've discovered a few life savers that I hope will help you get through the day with kick ass looking hair. 

1. Dry Shampoo

Lets be honest... greasy looking hair is gross and none of us leave the house on purpose with our hair stuck to our head... but motherhood happens and sometimes it's unavoidable right? WRONG. Dry shampoo will save your life. It literally takes 10 seconds to put in your hair and you can even do it in the car. I have always had a hard time finding one that works for me because my roots are so dark and it usually ends up looking like I have dandruff instead - but I recently discovered Ouai from Sephora. Ouai has a traditional dry shampoo spray, but also has a foam which is perfect for my hair. I put a bit in my hand, put it on my roots, and voila! Clean looking hair! It also doesn't hurt that it smells amazing so is as though my hair was freshly washed :)

2. Keratine Treatment

If you have naturally curly hair, frizzy hair, or unmanageable hair (as I do), then a Keratine treatment may be for you! Keratine treatments essentially put keratin back into your hair (which is a protein that is found there naturally). Hair that lacks keratin is often frizzy, dull, easily tangles, so it's no surprise that a Keratine treatment makes your hair shiny, smooth and maneageable. Keratine treatments used to have formaldehyde in them, which for me is a big no no. It's extremely toxic and I never wanted that anywhere near me. Now, however, most Keratine treatments are formaldehyde free (yay!) and are therefore really gaining in popularity. Many of them are safe to get while pregnant, breastfeeding and they are done in almost every salon by trained stylists. I definitely think that just like hair colour, the result has a lot to do with who does it (so do your research ladies!), but over all, this treatment has been a life saver for me. It used to take me 45 mins to blow-dry my hair and another 10 mins to go over it with a flat iron. I now can let my hair air dry if I want it wavy, and it takes me 10 minutes flat to blow dry it. 

3. Ballayage

Ballayage is a technique being used more and more for hair colour. It's less dramatic than highlights that go to your root and more natural looking than Ombre. It's a technique that gives your hair highlights that don't go all the way to the root and what that means, is that your hair can grow out without looking like you need to immediately get it done again! This is genius for new moms because scheduling a hair appointment can often be a nightmare when you need to try to find someone to look after the little ones. If you've never heard of ballayage, I'm sure you've seen it and just haven't realized it. It's not only practical, but gorgeous!

4. Hair Masks 

Our hair is exposed to so many chemicals and so pollution outside every day - not to mention spit up and other fun things from our little ones, so pampering your hair once a week is a must. I have fallen in love with hair masks and think that if you try one, you will too. It's quick, easy, and if a temper tantrum or baby emergency happens while you have it in - no biggy! The longer it's in, the better (for the more part - read your labels :)). I'm obsessed right now with Oro Fluido Hair Mask. I put it in after the shower before I put baby to bed and leave it in for about an hour. As soon as he's asleep, I hop back into the shower and wash it out. There are definitely masks out there that are even more mommy friendly I'm sure. I know there are some that don't need to be washed out at all, but my skin is so sensitive, I am always worried about going to bed with a hair mask on incase I get a reaction. 

5. Style your hair when it's wet

It sounds pretty simple right? Well it is and you'll be amazing how awesome your hair looks in the morning! I've discovered that if I style my hair in a high top bun before bed and spritz it with a bit of water, I wake up in the morning to big, beautiful, beachy looking waves without needing to use a curler! Similarily, if I braid my hair before bed and wet it a bit, I wake up to tight, trendy waves. It's so simple and so manageable because you can do it once the littles go to bed :) 

If you have any other tips or tricks, please let me know! Sharing is caring :)





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