AIRIX: The Pharmacy You Can Count On


Scenario 1: You’ve left work early to pick up your child from daycare because they have a fever. After sitting for hours in the walk in clinic, you get a prescription for antibiotics. Your child is crying and screaming and you now get to go sit in a pharmacy waiting room while the prescription is filled and your child is cranky, tired and hungry.

Scenario 2: You have a monthly prescription (like an inhaler, birth control, blood pressure medication etc.) that you need to get filled - you realize you need it by tomorrow and don’t have time to go the pharmacy to pick it up.

What do these 2 seemingly different scenarios have in common? AIRIX will come to the rescue!

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What is AIRIX?

AIRIX is a mobile app, owned my a Montreal pharmacy, that you can download on your phone that offers a FREE prescription filling and delivery service to the Montreal area. But it gets better. You don’t actually ever have to step foot in the pharmacy to start using it and it gives you access to a pharmacist at your fingertips for questions!

Downloading the app is simple and getting started is even easier! You answer a few personal questions, set a log in and password and send in your ID for validation (they need to make sure it’s actually you before sending out medication)! A short while later you’re ready to start receiving deliveries!


A couple cool features of the app:

  1. You can easily upload prescriptions right from your phone by simply taking a pic and in a few seconds they are submitted and ready to be delivered! There is no need to ever step food in a pharmacy. You can choose the delivery date and orders made before a certain cutoff are also eligible for same-day delivery!

  2. You can easily keep track of your refills and prescription information (including expiration date, medication information leaflet and dosage) right through the app. You can also see which prescriptions you have on file (even the ones that aren’t currently filled).

  3. You’re able to add multiple people to your account, so from your phone you can manage your profile, your husband’s and kids (making you basically the MVP of your home).

  4. Lastly - and most importantly for me - you have access, through a message thread, to the pharmacy team! It happens to everyone - you get home, you’re ready to start a new medication and can’t remember if you’re supposed to take it with food, without food, if you can take Tylenol with it, or if you’re supposed to wait until the next morning to take the first dosage! With the AIRIX app, you can message a pharmacy team member and ask away (your questions and conversation with the pharmacy remain completely private)!


I decided to give the app a try before leaving on vacation next week! I have no time to be sitting in a pharmacy or making unnecessary trips to pick up meds before we leave! I placed my order first thing in the morning (I had previously downloaded the app and had my ID verified). Like clockwork, the afternoon came and perfect parcel was delivered to my door! I can now check one thing off my to-do list!

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This app will be life-changing for our family, especially when I’m back at work and winter time aka flu/cold/gastro/strep season is in full force! I would love to hear your experiences with the app! Click here to download it now!