Spoil the Man in Your Life in Time for Travel Season with the American Crew Travel Pack!

I'm always reviewing products for Zane and I, so I thought it was time to include the other love of my life: my husband! Just in time for holiday travelling, this month we tried the American Crew Travel Pack. American Crew is a brand that my husband already loves - he uses the Power Cleanser every day... so I knew he would enjoy testing these products out! If you've never heard of the brand, they specialize in hair care and grooming products for men! The products are available at Chatters, Trade Secrets and Amazon.


The travel pack comes in this nice and super practical black zip up travel case with 2 compartments (I won't have to share mine anymore when we go on vacation YAY!). It comes filled with the American Crew Fiber, Skincare Precision Shave Gel, Daily Shampoo and Heavy Hold Pomade. For starters, although this is a travel pack, the products are not travel size (which I LOVE). I often find that travel sized products don't last more than a few days so I prefer larger products. The Daily Shampoo has a new formulation and smells incredible... it has a masculine smell and leaves behind the most gorgeous scent. The Fiber is a high hold and low shine styling product - perfect for a more casual daytime look. The Heavy Hold Pomade provides a heavy hold with high shine and I was surprised to see that it was clear (I was expecting it to be white!). My husband tried it out and LOVED it because he found that, unlike most of his other pomades, this one didn't leave a white residue in his hair. It also smells DELICIOUS. Finally, the travel pack includes a Precision Shaving Gel which is a non-drying gel that soothes the skin and prevents skin irritation during shaving. My husband has a short beard and doesn't shave so I had my dad try out this one and he approved with two thumbs up :). 

Spoil the man in your life this holiday season with the American Crew Travel Pack! I've also teamed up with them to give away a Travel Pack to one lucky winner! Visit my Instagram page to enter!