Applying a Perfect Decal!

Decals can completely change a room and are great for people like me who love to change up rooms every few years. They’re easy to apply, don’t damage the paint and if you find the right company, you can get them completely personalized to match any decor vision you have!

I decided to complete both the boys rooms with personalized name decals from Kenna Sato Designs. Working with her was SO easy. I showed her a pic of my boys rooms, told her I wanted their names in a simple black design and she came back with a bunch of options for me to choose from!

Scroll to the end of this post to see which one we chose!

Scroll to the end of this post to see which one we chose!

Applying a name is a bit trickier than individual decals because you want the letters to all be evenly spaced, at the same height and straight. Here are the quick and easy steps I took for the perfect application!

1. Make sure your wall is clean and dry! I took a damp cloth, wiped it down and let it dry overnight!

IMG_1065_Facetune_23-06-2019-11-04-36 copy.jpg

2. Choose the wall and location you want your decal on. Tape it into place with painters tape (it won’t damage your paint and is easy to stick and re-stick). Make sure it’s centred, straight and exactly where you want it! Some decals are easy to stick, remove and re-stick, but a larger name decal like the ones I was applying are not as easy to redo.


3. Once you find the perfect location, cut apart the letters. I added more painters tape so that once the pieces were separated they didn’t move out of place. I put one piece of tape at the top and one at the bottom of each letter.


4. Remove the tape from the top of 1 letter. let it hang down. Remove the thick backing and slowly lift the piece while gently pressing it down on the wall. This is the part where you can reposition the letter if you make a mistake, but since the letter still has tape on the bottom, it should be easy! Repeat with each letter.

5. Once every letter is positioned without the backing, use your squeegee or thick piece of plastic to firmly push down on each letter!


6. Slowly remove the top coating by pulling it off flush to the wall. DO NOT do this step too fast. If you forgot to firmly press down on any sections, they will lift here and will potentially rip off… so take your time!!!


7. Admire your work!

IMG_1077_Facetune_23-06-2019-11-03-53 copy.jpg

If you’re looking for gorgeous custom decals, click here to visit the Kenna Sato Designs Shop on Etsy. You can browse a ton of her ready to order designs and reach out to her directly to make something custom.