Baby Essentials from Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl, created by 2 mamas in 2015, has all of the baby accessories that you've been dreaming about. Made with gorgeous material and beautiful patterns, their products are essentials that moms need.


This month I tried out some of their products, and I can't rave enough about them! Zane is at the drooling age (yay... said no mom ever), so I was constantly changing his wet shirts, until I started using the Baby Bandana Bibs from Copper Pearl! Copper Pearl bibs are big, are made with a double layer of material (the underside is SUPER absorbent) and come in the nicest patterns so you can find one to match any outfit! We tried out the Wild Collection and their Scout Collection. You can see in the picture above the 2 collections we tried and underneath is their crib sheet that I tried! I absolutely fell in love with the fit and feel of their crib sheets and need more for Zane's nursery! They wash amazingly, fit perfectly over his crib mattress (a pet peeve of mine is sheets that don't fit properly and require effort to put on... who has the time to struggle with sheets!?) and come in the nicest patterns and colors. We tried the Slate Crib Sheet.


Finally, we tried out one of their 5-in-1 Multi-Use Covers. Their covers can be used as a nursing cover, a baby car seat cover, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover AND an infinity scarf! It's made from a SUPER soft and stretchy fabric so it can easily fit over most carseats and chairs and I love that it can covert and be used so many different ways... because it means less items in my diaper bag! We chose the Canyon Multi-Use Cover :). 

I would love to hear what other products you've tried from Copper Pearl, or if you've tried any of the ones I mentioned! If you're looking for a great holiday gift idea, head over to their website and have a look... you're sure to find something for any special baby in your life.