Remembering How Little Your Children Once Were With Birth Memory


Every time I see a newborn, I think to myself: OMG was Zane ever that little? I don't remember him being that small! And lately I've been finding myself reminiscing through his newborn pictures, wishing that I could remember how little he was because the time just flies by too fast.


Birth Memory helps by making life size posters of your newborn! All you do it go onto their site, input all your baby's information at birth (weight, height etc.) and they send you this life size, to-scale poster right to your door! You can even customize the design, colour and body orientation. I think this is such a cool gift idea for new parents and such a unique piece of artwork to hang on your nursery wall! Can you believe how small Zane was? I'm almost in tears looking at how much he's grown! Click here to visit the Birth Memory website and make your own poster!