Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

This month I got to put the Bubula Steel Diaper Pail from Canada’s Baby Store to the test! I have a diaper disposal bin at home but I have definitely noticed that it has a few shortcomings and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Bubula Diaper pail tackles each of them!

Curious? Here’s why I will be tossing my current one in the trash and replacing it with the Bubula Steel Diaper Pail:


1. NO SPECIAL BAGS REQUIRED: this point deserved capital letters because the special bag liners that my current diaper pails require are costly and are another thing that I am too often forgetting to put on my shopping list. The Bubula Steel Diaper Pail uses standard-size can liners so you can use the same ones you buy for your kitchen!

2. The container is compact, yet holds 50% more diapers than it’s leading competitors! Which means less full bags in the middle of the night, less nagging my husband to take out the trash, and less money spent on replacing bags.

3. It can be converted into a regular trash can so it can be used even when your little one outgrows the diaper phase! (I love things that I can keep using as my muchkin grows)

4. Unlike many of its competitors, it’s made of steel and aluminum with an air-tight lid and rubber seals – so no escaping smell! (Now that Zane has started solids I am even more thankful for this feature).

You can watch my video below to see a demonstration of my fave features:


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