Dapple On the Go!

Zane and I are always on the move and as any mom knows, kids are messy and somehow find a way to be even messier when you aren't home and don't have a bath tub! I rely on Dapple products when I'm out of the house, and knowing that they are made with plant-based ingredients makes me feel safe using them around Zane! This week we tried out their On-the-Go products and weren't disappointed! We tried their Pacifier Wipes, All Purpose Wipes, and the travel sized Bottle & Dish Liquid!

Pacifier Wipes

IMG_4974 copy.JPG

Dapple's Pacifier Wipes come wrapped in individual packages (25 in each big bag) so you don't have to worry about them drying out once you open them! They're food-grade, fragrance free, and small enough that you can keep them everywhere! I've put a few in my car, diaper bag and even my purse! I don't only use them on pacifiers, but on Zane's bottles when he throws them on the floor while eating and even on his teething toys which he always manages to throw on the ground in the worst of places. You'll always be prepared with these wipes in hand!

All Purpose Wipes


Dapple's All Purpose Wipes are travel sized and perfect for my diaper bag! I found them super practical for wiping down surfaces in public places instead of always using baby wipes which often leave a film and don't really clean. I especially found them to be practical at restaurants or malls when Zane needs to use one of the high chairs! I love that I can now wipe it down first with something other than a baby wipe and I now even wipe our table because I know his little hands will find their way there eventually. They're fragrance free (yay no harsh smells!) and are made with plant-based ingredients! These wipes come in a larger container for home use too which I am putting on my grocery list IMMEDIATELY.

Bottle & Dish Liquid


We tried both the fragrance free and the lavender smelling travel sized Bottle & Dish Liquid. I already fell in love with the full sized ones, so knowing that I don't have to wait until I'm home to wash his bottles makes me so happy! :) This will definitely be an addition to my diaper bag! You can click here to read my review on the Bottles & Dishes Liquid

Stay tuned next week for another review on more of the Dapple product line! You can also click here to visit their website.