Diaper Caddy Essentials!

Having everything at your fingertips is SO essential when you're changing your mini and have an unexpected blow out. I've been asked by so many new moms what my essential diaper caddy  items are so here is my list!


1. Often overlooked, a functional, easy to access and organize, sturdy and portable Diaper Caddy. I love the one from F&K Solutions. It has large compartments so everything is easily accessible, it wipes clean and has practical side pockets. An often overlooked feature, but one that I LOVE about this caddy (and don't often see) is handles. This caddy has super long and practical handles on each side, making it easy to put over your arm and bring around to different rooms of your home. I hate running upstairs every time Zane needs to be changed but also find it so unpractical to have 2 of everything (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs) in my home. I love that I can just bring his essentials with me everywhere I go. Click here to see more pictures and more features of this awesome diaper caddy


2. Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit: Oh the joys of motherhood - no one warns you that you'll need to suck out stuff from your babies nose lol... but I am. So you're welcome. This is a product that you won't be able to live without when your mini is sick. It allows you to clear their nose with saline and suction (because they can't blow their nose) and all the gunk gets trapped thanks to a filter. I recommend stalking up on the refills of the filters and the saline. I prefer the hydrasense individual dose saline vials because I don't have to worry about the contamination that happens from the bigger reusable bottles of saline. 

3. Penaten: This is my go to for every rash, bump or skin blemish. It's basic but a must have. I've tried the fancier ones, with the pretty colored packaging and good marketing slogans on the box but always end up back at this one. It is an ESSENTIAL.

4. Supplies to take your baby's temperature: We all hope it won't happen but it will - they will get sick. A good thermometer is so important because a tiny difference in temp means the difference between a mild fever and a necessary hospital visit. The most accurate way to take a baby's temp is in their bum, so you'll need vaseline so that they are not uncomfortable and alcohol swabs to properly sterilize the thermometer before AND after each use. Click the images below to see my faves:

5. Baby Grooming Kit: a good kit will have all the essentials: Nail file, nail clippers, brush, comb and other items. Some even include a thermometer so check before buying one separately! I've included a few that I love below!

6. Lotion to hydrate your mini's skin! The weather changes, constant drooling and the daily baths (sometimes multiple times a day) means their skin will get dry. We've made cream part of our nightly routine after bath time before bed. I find it so relaxing for Zane and I love the 1-1 time. I LOVE La Roche Posay and find it's great for delicate skin and even helps his eczema. 

Am I missing any products that you find useful? Let me know in the comments below! 

xox Tovah