DockATot aka My Life Line and Reason for Sleep


Before Zane arrived I had heard the hype around a sort of baby bed called the DockATot. It's main use was first as a tool for co-sleeping (which I wasn't sure I wanted to do) and I thought it was pretty expensive (between $165-$185 USD), but I discovered how essential it was to my sanity within 5 minutes of using it.

Zane was a super colicky baby (which we would later learn was due to an allergy to milk protein). He had horrible reflux from the day he was born, would cry for endless hours at a time, and seemed to be hungry every hour on the hour (mostly because of his constant throwing up). By the end of week 1 at home, we had exhausted the possibility of Zane sleeping in his crib (this meant I literally had to sleep on the chair in his room in order to tend to him when he cried or spit up) and we had also tried a bassinet in our bedroom which he hated - I'm not sure why, but the bassinet caused more crying than the reflux. My husband unfortunately couldn't take more than 2 weeks off work, so we needed to find a solution that allowed us (A) To get some sleep between the crying (B) Would offer Zane some relief from whatever he was going through. Co-sleeping seemed like a temporary solution and so off my husband went to buy this magical item called a DockATot which seemed like our last resort. 

I remember taking a screaming baby, swaddling him in a blanket and putting him down in the DockATot on the bed beside me. What I heard next was enough to make me cry. Silence. For the first time in a week, baby Zane seemed at peace and was fast asleep. DockATot should be called the Miracle Bed. 

Fast asleep in the DockATot at 1 week old

Fast asleep in the DockATot at 1 week old

Baby Zane is now almost 3 months old, is no longer colicky and sleeps about 5 hours a night but we still use the DockATot daily. We bring it to my parents house, my in-laws house - anywhere where there is no crib for him to sleep in. It's super light and can be brought anywhere where baby needs to sleep. I have it beside me when I'm watching TV, I bring it to the park, and in a few weeks I'm taking a road trip to Toronto and it will be coming with me so Zane has somewhere safe to sleep!

The cover is removable and washable (which is a MUST for a baby with reflux) and it comes in a variety of colours to match whatever decor and design you have in your home or baby room. It also comes in 2 different sizes (the Deluxe and the Grand) so that it can accompany your baby as he/she grows! Zane is currently in the Deluxe and it seems as though it will fit him for another few months. We will, without a doubt, be purchasing the DockATot Grand when he needs it. Since getting ours, I have recommended it to every new mom I find, and I have yet to encounter 1 who is not as thrilled as I am.

I encourage you to check out their website to see what all the hype is about. If you do decide to purchase one, I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

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