Dolce Musical Giraffe - The Toy That Entertains for Hours


I'm going to start off by saying that this was the most difficult blog post I have written to date. In retrospect, I should have taken pictures of the toy before showing it to Zane... but I didn't... and I suffered because of my mistake. I had a screaming baby every time I tried to take away, what is now, his new best friend. Let me introduce you to Dolce - the Musical Giraffe

My son is the baby that never stops moving and needs constant attention. Even in his sleep he kicks and punches (I have the scratches on my face to prove it... no more night time kisses from this mama). Finding a toy that keeps him occupied for more than 5 mins has been mission impossible.... until I showed him Dolce the Musical Giraffe from Kidz District.This two foot tall, texture covered, noise making and music singing stuffed animal, kept my son occupied for a whole 1.5 hours (for those non-parents... an occupied and happy 5 month old for any amount of time a miracle.. but 1.5 hours is a DREAM). 

From the moment he laid eyes on this toy, he was captivated. Everything about the Musical Giraffe caught his attention: the bright colors, the textured body, the soft feet, the big eyes, the crinkle ears, the big plastic teether that hangs from its side, and the butterfly on his stomach that can be pulled to play music. What is more amazing to me though, is that this toy is also educational, unlike a lot of his other stuffed animals. It helps with colour recognition, dexterity, discovery, imagination, teething, and touch and grip coordination. Overall, of all the stuffed toys Zane has, this is by far the most interesting, educational and stimulating. Definitely a 10/10 and a toy that I will not be leaving the house without!

Visit Kidz District to see the rest of the Dolce toy collection - every animal is more colourful than the next! You are guaranteed to find the perfect toy for even the most energy filled little one.