5 Reasons Why I Am Flipside Prints Obsessed


I am no stranger to failed picture hanging attempts... and I have holes in most of my walls as a daily reminder, so when I came across Flipside Prints I was intrigued! Not only do they offer me a way to  hang prints in my son's nursery without damaging the walls, but I can also change up the prints by just flipping them over as he grows (It also didn't hurt that their prints are just adorable)!

Here are my top 5 reasons why I am Flipside Prints OBSESSED: 

1. I was able to hang them up while my son napped in the room without waking him up!: As a new mom I barely have time to breathe... so finding the time to decorate my son's room is nearly impossible because my little man always wants to be in my arms. I was able to hang up my Flipside Prints WHILE HE SLEPT because there are no nails and no banging on the walls! 


2. No damage to my walls and no searching for tools: Flipside Prints use a sticky 3M film that literally took 2 seconds to put up, and it comes off just as easily. That means if I want to move the prints, move houses or remove the prints all together (I'm sure I'll never want to do that though), it's easy, hassle free and leaves NO mess on your wall. You also get EVERYTHING you need delivered with the prints! I hate buying something and getting home only to realize that I'm missing a screw or a nail. Flipside Prints sends you everything you need to measure and hang up their prints!

3. As your child's taste changes, so can the the prints: Flipside Prints do just as the name implies - they flip over! All the prints are double sided and because they use a magnet to hang,  flipping them over is super easy to do! This means you can flip them weekly, daily, or even hourly! Ok but lets be real... no new mama has time to flip them hourly lol... but your little one may when they get old enough to do it!


4. The prints are super cute: I guarantee they will make your little one grin from ear to ear. Zane can't stop reaching for them, staring at them and laughing. We chose the In the Jungle theme prints,  but they have everything from Under The Sea, to Tiny Dancer, to Mythical Unicorns! You are bound to find a theme that your little one will LOVE.

5. You can order new prints and use the same magnets: When Zane one day decides he wants to be a baseball player or decides he is obsessed with trucks, I don't need to go searching for new artwork. I can simply order a new set from Flipside Prints, and replace the ones I have without needing to remeasure the wall or patch up holes! They all use the same hanging technology so switching them out is painless :) 


I love things that are easy to use, don't take time to set up and make Zane smile. Flipside Prints do all of the above (and I love them too!). Check out their page and get your little one a set of their own! Use promo code: MNMM at checkout for 20% off your prints!