Giveaway + Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review

I partnered with Canada's Baby Store to review and then give away an Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair to one lucky winner (contest details at the bottom of this blog post)! Zane and I have been using our Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair for a little over a month and I can't say enough amazing things about this chair, so I'm going to share a few of my favourite features! If you don't like reading and prefer to watch a video, scroll down and watch my review of this highchair on YouTube!

1. Adjustable Chair Height: With the press of two buttons, this amazing chair can lower and raise to 3 different height positions, making it the perfect chair to put anywhere. Whether you want it under your kitchen table, or you want to slide it under your bar counter, this chair fits just about anywhere. It also means that you don't need to bend over or reach up to feed your little one when you're sitting down!


2. Soft, Comfortable and Washable Seat and Cushion: When I was looking for high chairs, I found that they were either super comfortable, but with seat cushions that were a pain to clean, or they were super practical to clean, but they were made out of hard plastic. This chair combines both! The soft and comfy seat cushion is water resistant for those daily eating messes and can be wiped clean with a cloth - but the cushion also slides right off and can be thrown in the washing machine! You can also buy the seat cushions separately, so if you wanted to change up the colour every once and a while it's super easy to do!



3. Easily Reclinable Seat: With the push of a button, this high chair reclines and has 3 different positions. While I've tested out other high chairs that also recline, many of them were difficult to do and you needed both hands. I love how easily this reclines and can even be done while your mini is in the seat!


4. Easily Removable and Cleanable Tray: The tray on this high chair can be taken on and off with 1 hand in under 2 seconds. There is no struggle or fuss and it is just as easily to slide on as it is to slide off. There are 5 different settings on the tray so it can be moved closer or farther away from your little one to accommodate them as they grow! :) The top of the tray also clips off to make cleaning easier. It can be wiped down or even thrown in the dish washer! I LOVE easy so this has to be one of my favourite features. The tray can also be stored on the back of the highchair when you're not using it!

5. Non-scratching and Easy Rolling Wheels: This high chair glides on the floor with ease. Many products that we've bought (not limited to highchairs) scratch up my floor every time I slide them. This amazing featuresmakes me so happy because it saves my back (yay no lifting!) and I don't have to worry about pushing it while my son is in it because of the extra weight. 


Overall I give this highchair a 10/10. It's easy to use, has all the features I'm looking for, will grow with Zane as he grows and is durable. My son is a mover and a kicker and is always trying to escape (who knows where he's trying to go... he can't even crawl yet lol). This chair can keep him restrained, safe and happy! Visit Canada's Baby Store to see the different colour options and additional features that this awesome high chair offers.

You can watch my full review here: 


Canada's Baby Store was nice enough to let me host a giveaway and offer 1 lucky winner a FREE Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair (the colour may vary from the one that I have)! Rules are simple:

1. Follow @canadasbabystore on Instagram

2. Follow @mrsnewmommtl on Instagram

3. Tag a fellow mom or expecting mom in the comments on the Instagram giveaway post

That's it! :) 

***Contest closes on September 20, 2017 and the winner will be announced on September 22, 2017! Contest open to Canadian residents only. Must be 18+ to enter.