jones & mae - Teaching Kids to Spend, Save & Share Responsibly

This mama loves to shop!!! And there's no doubt in my mind that if there's one lesson I hope to teach Zane, that I never fully learned, is how to save money. Whether it's putting away a little bit for rainy days, or saving up to buy something that he really wants, I want Zane to learn how to spend and save responsibly. I also hope to raise him as a caring human being and I think that sharing (or donating) is equally as important! 


jones & mae created the Trio Method Piggy Bank! It's basically 3 beautifully and sustainably crafted bamboo piggy banks with a guide that helps you teach your children about the value of money. The Trio Method teaches your children how to Save, Spend and Share and the Teaching Guide will help us parents, who perhaps lack one of the 3, explain and implement the method in our home (my husband was excited when we received this and hopes I will retain something from the Saving portion LOL).

The Teaching Guide from jones & mae is short and to the point (it's one page long so there's no intense reading required) and includes recommendations on how to introduce the concept to your children, how to implement it, and even suggests ideas for activities that your children can do to earn money at home! 

Zane is obviously a bit young to learn about this yet (this method is recommended for children ages 3-10), but we opened up a bank account for him earlier this year and I love the idea of coming home and throwing in our loose change and $$$, that we otherwise spend on silly things, and putting them in these jones & mae Piggy Banks. I think this is such great gift idea because it's practical, decorative, educational and functional! It's definitely a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression on any child who starts using it! You can click here to order your own, or to learn more about their Save Spend and Share Bamboo Piggy Bank.