Kidsme Reusable Food Pouch - Perfect for My Little Independent Eater


Zane is now 8 months old and is becoming more and more independent every day! He loves his food (like his mama) and has started to want to feed himself. This is a great milestone, but not so great for messes when we're out of the house or when he's dressed and we need to head out the door quickly after he eats. His spoon and food seem to end up everywhere EXCEPT his mouth! I found the PERFECT solution thanks to the Kidsme Reusable Food Pouch from Canada's Baby Store

The kit comes with 2 reusable bags to fill with food (that you can use up to 30 times each), labels so you can date and write what kind of food is in the pouch and an adaptor! This kit allows your little one to feed themself using homemade food OR store bought food pouches!


The adapter, which is made from silicone and has tiny holes in it to control how much food is squeezed out (thankfully, because Zane gets so excited for his food and likes to squeeze the bag really hard!), fits on the reusable bags or directly on most food pouches! I love that when we're out of the house, I can just bring a food pouch and an adaptor and don't have to worry about bibs and spoons anymore!

If you don't want the whole kit, you can also just buy the adaptor for the food pouches! 

Click here to see the Kidsme Reusable Food Pouch from Canada's Baby Store!