Luhvee - The Fill In The Blank Love Book

The hubby and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and like most women, I struggled with what to get the man who has everything, coupled with the fact that I don't have a lot of time to make a sentimental gift with a newborn in my house. When I came across Luhvee Love Books I was super excited! Luhvee Love Books has books that you can gift to your grandparents, mom, dad, husband, teenager and even child... and here's what sets it apart from the rest - it's a fill in the blank book (Surprise surprise... the founder of Luhvee is a mother of 2! She gets the lack of sleep and found a solution to help us lol). It was SUPER easy to make and I finished making the book before the baby even woke up from his nap. 


I obviously chose the "Why I Love You" book for my husband, but I'm definitely eyeing the "I Love You Just The Way You Are" book for Zane for his first birthday. Setting up an account was quick and before I knew it I was starting on my book. The layout of the site makes it super easy to navigate, and you don't have to finish creating it in 1 sitting... You can save and come back at a later time which is super practical. 

I was able to easily upload pictures from my computer, and once uploaded, all I had to do was drag and drop them into place. What I loved the most however, was the fill in the blank part on each page. It made it SO easy to create the perfect sentimental gift without having to sit and think about finding the perfect words (which seem to be harder and harder to find as I become more and more sleep deprived). I've made a lot of other picture books in the past, and having the ability to add captions that are already thought out for you is a game changer.

This page for example, had the caption: Your greatest gift to me... and I filled in the rest! How easy is that?

This page for example, had the caption: Your greatest gift to me... and I filled in the rest! How easy is that?

The book I chose was divided into 4 sections: When We First Met, Why You're So Special To Me, Our Life Together and My Everlasting Love (how cute is that!?) and the fill in the blanks were perfectly suited to each section. You were also able to create your own text if you couldn't think of an appropriate answer for the fill in the blank!

I definitely recommend Luhvee Books. From start to finish it was an easy process, the book was delivered in less than a week, and the fill in the blanks made it so easy to create the perfect gift. My husband was laughing as he read each caption and couldn't believe half of the memories I had shared (which I might add I would have never probably remembered without the fill in the blanks)! Thanks Luhvee!

If you visit their site now, you can save using the promo code: TOVAH20. ** Whether it's for an anniversary, a first birthday, Mothers Day or Fathers Day... this gift is guaranteed to impress and leave a lasting impression. I honestly can't wait for Zane to old enough to look through this book one day!

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