Merino Kids Go Go Bag - The Award Winning Sleeping Bag!


It's so tricky in Canada, with the weather constantly changing, to find the perfect PJs and sleep wear for Zane. It goes from humid to dry, from warm to cold in the blink of an eye. All moms know that at night, a baby that is comfortable is the happiest baby... and that usually means a sleeping baby :). I was lucky enough to try the Merino Kids Go Go Bag, available at Canada's Baby Store!

I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought how can this one be different than the ones I currently use?... but I quickly learned why. The Merino Kids Go Go Bag (which happens to be an award winning sleeping bag) actually helps your baby stay asleep (yay!). The inner lining is made from 100% superfine merino wool, which helps to regulate our little one's temperature, and the outer lining is 100% certified organic cotton. It can be used in temperatures ranging from 18 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius... so basically all year round in your home. It's a super soft and great feeling sleep bag. Within seconds of putting Zane in it at night, he's out cold, and because of the temperature regulating feature, I don't have to worry if I've dressed him with too many layers (or not enough).


One feature that I especially love, is that it only comes in 2 sizes! From newborn - 2yrs and from 2-4yrs. So even though it's on the higher price range of sleeping bags, you can use it for a few years! The ones I currently buy for Zane last me 2 months tops before he's outgrown them and I'm replacing them... so I'm really excited about not needing to replace this one. It has snaps under the arms that can be used for when your baby is smaller to make sure they don't slip, and they can be left open for when your baby gets bigger! There is a zipper all around the side of the bag that leaves lots of room for your little one to move around, but because of the great quality of the sleeping bag, they stay warm and cozy.

One final AMAZING feature is that there is a slit on the back and front of the sleeping bag which enables you to put your little one safely in their car seat while they're wearing it! That means no more having to wake up your babies to change them when you have a night out at a friend's place... you can dress them for bed before coming home and do an immediate car seat to crib transfer (such a win!).

If you've been looking for a perfect sleeping bag, look no more! You will love the Merino Kids Go Go Bag. It's currently on sale too so there's no better time to go check it out! :)