Zane's Room - My First DIY Success!

If you follow my Instagram stories, then you know I am not talented when it comes to DIY projects. Most of them just give my husband a reason to laugh or get upset... his reaction depends on how much money I wasted lol. My DIY failures extend to the kitchen (I can't cook and once gave myself salmonella poisoning), beauty (I once waxed off too much of my eyebrows and had a lopsided face for a month), and until recently included arts and crafts. I am SO proud to announce that for the FIRST TIME EVER, I had a DIY success!

I had such a bad pregnancy that I never really got around to fully decorating Zane's room because it was uncomfortable to breathe, let alone start hanging things on my walls. So now that my munchkin is here, I decided to spruce up his room a bit! 

I bought some wood letters from Michael's Crafts and spray painted them a dark grey to match his room. (this part was a little bit of a failure because I almost sprayed myself in the face and put way too much on each letter so it took a few days to dry instead of 1 hour).... but the end result was great!

I then ordered grey triangle wall decals from Indigo to put around the letters! I opted for decals instead of painting the wall because I figured if I messed it up (there was a 90% chance that would happen), then I could easily take them off before my husband got home to avoid being ridiculed. Scroll through the pics below to see the final product!

Voila! A fully decorated wall for under $60!