Olilibaby - Protecting Your Newborn From the Sun

I was so excited to be giving birth in February because I was hoping to spend the entire summer outside (obviously losing all my baby weight) with my little one. I totally didn't anticipate the struggle of keeping my newborn out of the sun and cool while not being able to use sunscreen on him until he was 6 months old. **For those of you wondering, sunscreen isn't recommended for babies under 6 months because testing on babies isn't allowed (for obvious reasons) by the FDA or Health Canada and so there is no evidence that it is safe for our little ones. 

I've tried (unsuccessfully) to shield him in the stroller using a blanket, but it never seems to work and it either flies off and hits Zane or me in the face, or it creates a sauna type of environment and I end up with a sweaty and very unhappy little man. I was obviously THRILLED to find a super simple, yet genius solution: Olilibaby

Olilibaby has created a set of Kiddie clips (or stroller clips) that help fasten any blanket to your stroller! You can position them how you want and where you want to protect your little one from the sun, rain and wind without needing to fully wrap the entire stroller in a blanket! You can position them to block out as much or as little sun as you want, and it still allows air to flow through. I am in LOVE with this simple, yet game changing gadget and will be enjoying my summer once more with my little!

Use the promo code: NEWMOMMTL at check out to get 10% off until July 15, 2017!

Thanks Olilibaby!