Philips Avent Natural Bottles - Why They're Our First Choice

Zane at 1 month old using the 4oz  Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Zane at 1 month old using the 4oz Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Every mother's feeding journey is different... just as every baby and pregnancy is unique. Our journey, and not for a lack of trying, didn't include breast feeding for very long and so very early on we depended on bottles. At one point, we were even pumping and alternating between breast feeding, bottle feeding and formula so the search for that perfect bottle was an important one. When we came across the Philips Avent Natural Bottles, we knew it was the bottle for us (you can imagine then how thrilled I was to partner with Philips Avent and PTPA to help spread the word about their amazing products!).

Zane at 4 months old using the 9oz  Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Zane at 4 months old using the 9oz Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Why do I love the Philips Avent Natural Bottles? For starters, they are easy to clean. We've all been there... 3am feedings, lack of sleep, all you want to do is clean the bottle and go back to bed. Philips Avent Natural Bottles have no complicated attachments, no weird shaped parts - they come apart as easy as they are put together and that is a must for us! Second, we were so worried about "nipple confusion" because we were alternating between breast and bottle, so I loved that the bottle's features included ones that mimicked the breast, such as a soft, flexible and breast shaped nipple. I also loved that they were light, easy to grip, and came in different sizes (Zane is now 7 months old and is using the 9oz bottle and can hold it on his own!) - it also means when he is "playing" with my dog Rambo and throws it across the room it doesn't dent my floors... thankfully Rambo has also learned how to dodge the projectile bottles lol. Third, and this was one of the biggest selling features for me, was that it had the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval, which means that this product was tested by real parents and not just people who work for the company. That meant a lot to me, because who is really better to recommend baby products than other fellow parents?!

I only recently discovered the Philips Avent uGrow Baby Development Tracker application (you can click here to download it) and figured what better time to try it than during feeding time! I find it to be such a useful tool for new parents and experienced parents alike and my only regret is not knowing about it sooner. We all know how exhausting the first couple months are... ok years... ok we'll be exhausted forever - so having an app at my fingertips to track all of my son's daily activities is a life saver for me! When my paediatrician asks me: how much is he drinking a day? I don't have to stand there with a puzzled look on my face trying to figure out what day of the week it is, if I have spit up in my hair and if and if I turned off the stove... I can open the Philips Avent uGrow Baby Development Tracker on my phone and have all the answers at my fingertips! #parentwin.

We gave the app a try for a week and used it after every feeding with our Philips Avent Natural Bottles and here's what I loved the most:


1 - It's intuitive. There are no difficult features that require a manual to figure out (although there is a walkthrough option if you're exhausted and need a bit of help! #mommybrain :)). I downloaded it and started using it right away! It's easy to input the information, it's easy to edit it if you make a mistake, and it easy to see a summary if you want a bigger picture of how the week or day went. 

2 - It tracks everything you want to track as a parent. You can track how much milk you pumped from each breast, how much of a bottle your little one drank, how many diaper changes you did (and whether they were wet or dirty), how often your little one cried or woke up during the night (and the list goes on and on). When Zane was first born, there were times that I couldn't remember when I last fed him because I wasn't sleeping and the whole night felt like a blur. This app would have been SO useful.


3 - It allows up to 3 people to log in at the same time! I shared my log in info with my parents and husband so that when they were watching Zane, they were able to log in and keep his progress up to date! I don't have to wonder anymore when he last ate, if he had a poo when he was with my parents etc. - it's all right there on my phone! I can see when he napped, if he ate less or more etc. It also means I don't have to write extensive lists for my parents when I drop him off because they can simply log into the app and see how much he usually eats at each feeding, when he eats and when he's due for his next nap! It's a win win.

I loved the Philips Avent uGrow Baby Development Tracker and can't wait to continue to use it and discover more and more features. I highly recommend this application for anyone with a baby!

Have you tried the Philips Avent Natural Bottles or the uGrow Baby Development Tracker? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Disclaimer * I created this blog post as an ambassador with Philips Avent and PTPA. All opinions and advice are my own. I only work with companies and brands that I genuinely love and have tried myself.